If you have been looking out to Block and Remove Adsense Low CPC Ads from Your Website, then in this article am going to guid you through the whole process on how you can actually remove all low cpc ad networks from your website and replace with high paying cpc ad network.

adsense high paying ad network


We all understand how it feels when you have massive traffic on your website and you are not getting the best result or earnings you deserve and there are lot of ad networks that pay lower which are very much than high paying one and those low ad network do not give a space for high paying ads to work on your website or else you block them or remove them from displaying on your website, and that is exactly what am going to teach you in this article and how you can get ride of them in a minute.

How to remove Adsense low CPC ads from your Website

Goto your Adsense account and login your account, then in the drop down list from your left side, you should be able to see “Blocking Control” just as it is shown in the image below:

After Clicking on the “Blocking Control” you would see another drop down underneath, which are: Ad review centre, All sites and your sites link in your Adsense, just click on the second option which “All sites”, once the page load successfully, you would see list of categories just like the one in the image below:



Adsense high paying ads



Once you see this page, then the next thing to do is to Click on the first category which is “Advertise URLs”, then another page would show where you can now block or remove Adsense low cpc ad networks from your Adsense account.

Clicking on the “Manage Advertiser URLs” would give you the rights to remove any unwanted ads from your website and you will only have high paying ads.

Then, after that, you would see a page like this telling you to input/insert URLs you’d like to block from your Google Adsense Network, just something like this from the image below:

Adsense low cpc network

Then here is where you have all the rights to block any url you don’t want to show the ads from your website.

I have also prepare a list of low cpc Adsense ad network which would make it easier for you to import and block them at once.

You can find the attached document below and download it.

Adsense low paying ads list


After downloading, selected all the listed urls with the low cpc and paste them in the above search section then hit on the search Botton.

After clicking on the search, it will fetch all the url and ask if you really want to block all the url, just click on “block all” and you’re done.


This is how people now block low cpc ad networks from their Adsense and earn more money from their content and you also deserve to earn more from your content. this is the best way to Increase your Google AdSense Earnings.