45 Profitable Beauty Micro Niche Ideas

Wondering if you can find beauty micro niche ideas? If you are interested in makeup and skin care, you might want to start a blog about these topics.

There are always new tips and how-tos that can help people look better that can be shared. You can also talk about how you’ve dealt with beauty problems in the past or how you’ve used different products to solve those problems.

Beauty Micro Niche Ideas

How to Find Your Beauty Micro Niche?

Do your research to find a profitable niche that you will enjoy writing about before you choose one. You also need to find keywords that will help you make money if you choose a particular Beauty topic.

You can speed up this process by using a cheap keyword research tool like Keysearch, which gives you a list of hundreds of related topics based on the questions you ask.

What are Beauty Micro Niche Blogs?

Blogs about beauty are all about beauty products and how to do your makeup. These blogs talk about everything from how to take care of your skin to reviews of beauty products.

A beauty blog is a website that talks about beauty, makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, and anything else that has to do with beauty. Blogs about beauty share tips, review products, make tutorials, and talk about what’s new in the beauty world. Because beauty is a very visual subject, these blogs usually have a lot of pictures and videos.

Beauty Niche Ideas

Here are beauty micro niches to explore:

  1. Celerity makeup looks
  2. Jewelry
  3. Wedding rings
  4. Hair cuts
  5. Enzymatic peels
  6. Natural Hair
  7. Hair Color
  8. Suncare and tanning
  9. Makeup tables
  10. Beauty tips for different skin tones
  11. Natural beauty
  12. Looks (Season looks, wedding, celebrity, trending, night-outs looks)
  13. No makeup looks
  14. Beauty product reviews
  15. Homemade beauty treatment
  16. Makeup supplies
  17. Beauty supplies
  18. Beauty brands
  19. Starting a beauty line
  20. Face brushes
  21. Pedicure
  22. Manicure
  23. Bodycare
  24. Beauty routines
  25. Beauty salons
  26. DIY beauty
  27. Beauty rooms
  28. Starting a beauty blog
  29. Eyelashes
  30. Eyelashes extensions
  31. Hair extensions
  32. Creams and Cosmetics
  33. Fair tone beauty products
  34. Hairdo/ Hairstyles
  35. Makeup
  36. Face Makeup
  37. Lips
  38. Eyes makeup
  39. Body lotions
  40. Moisturizers
  41. Serums
  42. Personal styling
  43. hair treatment
  44. daily hair washing soap
  45. Night bath soap

How to Monetize a Beauty Micro Niche Blog

A lot of people tend to visit beauty blogs. This means that you won’t have a hard time getting sponsors.

Some sponsors might give you money, but it’s more likely that they’ll ask you to review their products. This means that your blog can start making money right away.

You can also use Amazon’s Associates program to get paid for linking to products on your blog.