Best Money Investment App in Ghana and Their Interest Rate

Looking out for the Best Money Investment App in Ghana and Their Interest Rate? Investing is the key to building up enough money to be free from debt. To get better at handling money, you should make it a habit to save a certain amount of what you earn. Ghana has a lot of chances to invest in foreign stocks, which is good news.

Best Money Investment App in Ghana

With the rise of fintech around the world, many apps have been made to help people invest in global stocks. In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 best and most legitimate investment apps in Ghana for people who are just starting out.

What are Investment Apps?

Before you put money away to invest, you should know what investment apps are. Investment apps are online platforms for investing that help people invest their money safely and make money. With these apps, people can invest, keep track of their investments, and get their money back.

Best Money Investment App in Ghana and Their Interest Rate

Here is a list of the seven best money investment app in Ghana.

1. Achieve

One of the best investment apps in Ghana is the Achieve App. The digital platform based in Ghana works with licensed financial managers to give you safe ways to invest in Ghana.

To get started, all you have to do is put the Achieve app on your Android or Apple device.

How to Invest Through Achieve

It’s easy to save money or make investments with the Achieve app. All you have to do is follow the four (4) steps below;

You can get Achieve from Google Play or the Apple Store and install it.
Sign up with a real email address and answer a few questions about yourself on the app to prove who you are.
Set up your mobile money wallet so you can add money and get money out. You can also add money with your Visa or MasterCard.
Start saving by making your first investment or goal account. It’s really that easy!

Your next-of-kin is the person closest to you who is still alive. The next-of-kin relationship is important if you don’t have a will and want to know who will get your investments when you die. The person you choose will be checked out using the information you give.

2. Stash

Personal finance app Stash Investment can help people improve their financial lives. You can make a budget and save for retirement with the app. There are also banking, investing, and tips for investors on the app.

But you have to pay a fee to use this app. The app has two monthly plans that are cheap: Stash Growth and Stash +. Stash Growth costs $3 per month, while Stash + costs $9 per month.

You can download Stash App from Playstore

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of Ghana’s best apps for investing. You can buy and sell thousands of US stocks in Ghana through the investment app. Bamboo lets you buy or sell any of the more than 3,000 stocks that are traded on US stock exchanges.

Interestingly, the app also lets you buy ETFs, which are groups of stocks, to spread out your investments. With the app, you can also keep track of how your portfolio is doing over time.

4. is a legitimate app for investing money in Ghana. You can get updates in real time for more than 30,000 financial instruments that are traded on more than 100 exchanges around the world.

You can also trade or keep an eye on your investments from anywhere and get, sort, and choose data right from your mobile device.

5. Ecobank TBILL4ALL

One of the best places to invest in Ghana is the Ecobank TBILL4ALL. It is an investment service based on mobile money that lets people in Ghana buy and manage Government of Ghana Treasury Bills from their phones.

From your MTN mobile wallet, you can buy Government of Ghana 91-day and 182-day Treasury bills for just 5 GHC. To get started, dial *770# to register.

6. InvestSika

One of the new apps for investing in Ghana is called InvestSika. To start trading and investing in the stock market with the App, you need a mobile money account and a smartphone. Ghanais would also be able to buy and sell shares in both local and international companies through InvestSika. With InvestSika, you can start making your own investments with as little as GHC60.

7. Trove

Trove is one of the best apps for investing in Ghana because it gives people access to different financial assets that are listed on major local and international stock exchanges. With Trove, you can put money in, save it, invest it, and take it out. Also, it’s important to know that Trove is not a registered broker-dealer or investment adviser.


If you been looking out for the best App to Invest in Ghana, These are the best apps that provide great investment in Ghana with quality investment return.