Best Money Investment App in Nigeria and Their Interest Rate

Looking out for the Best Money Investment App in Nigeria and Their Interest Rate? Investing is a great way to make more money. Investing is one of the best things that rich and successful people do. Learning to invest can have a long-lasting and positive effect on anyone’s finances. These days, it’s easy to invest your money in Nigeria because the country has apps that let anyone invest from their phone.

Best Money Investment App in Nigeria

What is investment?

Investment is the process of putting money somewhere to make money back. Mr. Akpan, for example, has 30,000 that he is not using. He decides to invest the money in a business instead of just keeping it in his bank account or at home. After a year or two, the 30,000 has grown to at least 60,000. This is the whole point of investing.

What are investment apps?

Investment apps are online places where people can invest their money safely and make money. The investment app finds business opportunities that are worth investing in and will give investors a good return on their money. It then sends these opportunities to its users so that they can invest in them. Users can invest, keep track of their investments, and get their money from the app.

You don’t have to worry about where to put your money when you have investment apps. They already work with good businesses that have mostly been checked out and are safe. All you have to do is look at the different ways to invest and do it from your phone. With less risk because the investment apps do their own research on each business before letting it use their platform.

Best Money Investment App in Nigeria and Their Interest Rate

1. PiggyVest (

One of The best investment app in Nigeria is PiggyVest, which used to be called Since it started in 2016, the app has helped Nigerians save and invest money. Over 350,000 people in Nigeria use this app, which makes it very popular there. Investors from all over the world have given them more than $1 million.

All of the opportunities to invest on this platform have been checked out. Which means investors are taking less risk. There are also a lot of ways to save money and earn a lot of interest on your savings.


  • Get back up to 25% of what you put in.
  • Put any amount of money
  • All investment opportunities are pre-vetted
  • Minimal to medium risk Large user base
  • Huge rates of interest on savings

To invest you will need to create an account. You can download and use the app. The app is available in the Google play store and Apple app store.

2. Carbon (Paylater)

Carbon, which used to be called Paylater, is one of the biggest Fintech companies in Nigeria. They have a lot of money because international investors have given them up to $5 million. They are also very popular in Nigeria, where over 1 million people use them to get loans or invest.

The app has a tool for investing called Grow wealth (invest). With this tool, you can make a risk-free fixed deposit or a one-time investment.


  • Return on investment of up to 16%
  • You can put as little as 100 into it.
  • Low risk to medium risk
  • Huge users base

To invest, you need to get the app on your phone. Both Android and iOS users can use the app.

3. Afrinvestor

Afrinvestor is an app that helps people buy stocks and treasury bills. It is made by Afrinvest securities limited. There are a lot of tools in the app to help people understand and make good choices about trades. They have different ways to invest.

This app is good for people who are interested in trading stocks and treasury bills.


  • Multiple investment option
  • Medium risk
  • Helpful tools for users

You can download their for both Android and iOS from the store.

4. i-invest

You can easily buy treasury bills and Eurobonds with i-invest from your cell phone. You do not need a broker. You just need to download the app, sign up, log in, and start investing.


  • Medium risk
  • Resources to help investors

App available for Both Android and iOS.

5. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a Nigerian app for investing that is growing quickly. In 2018, international investors gave money to the platform to help it grow. On this platform, you can both invest and save money.

Mutual funds are a good way to invest with little risk and get a good return on your money. They have teamed up with big companies to make this happen. They also give free advice and help. You can also put money away and get interest on it.


  • Free help from experts
  • up to more than 15% on investments
  • Invest as you go
  • Large rates of return on savings

To invest you have to setup an account by downloading their app, which is available for both Android and iOS users.


People that invest online look into different things such as app reputation, interest rate and other relevant things before they proceed to invest their money online, we provide you the list you’d need to know before giving out your money to any of these apps, you can also do more research to know more about them.