28 Best Music Promotion Sites for Bands and Artist

Looking out for the Best Music Promotion Sites? Promoting your music is a must if you want to get a lot of attention and find the best results to make the biggest, strongest impact. These are the places you should look at first if you want to find the best and most effective places to put your music to make the most money.

Best Music Promotion Sites

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to find success and promote your music so you don’t have to waste time trying ways that don’t work.

Here are the 28 best online places we know of to promote your music:

1. TikTok

TikTok is a lot more than just an app for dancing. Imagine it as a shorter version of YouTube. You can find a group of people who share your interests, no matter what they are. This is great news for artists like me. This app is the best way for independent musicians to promote their music right now.

Why it helps in music promotion

The algorithm is the main thing that makes TikTok work. As a user, most of the posts in your feed are from people you don’t know. Based on what you’ve watched before, the algorithm picks videos it thinks you’ll like. And it’s scary how true it is.

For instance, if you watch, like, and comment on a gardening video, the algorithm thinks, “Oh, you like gardening? I’ll put on some more videos about gardening!”

So why is this a good thing for independent musicians? Let’s say you make a short video of yourself playing the chorus of your song. People who like to watch artists play their songs will see that video because of the algorithm. This is the best situation for artists who want to reach more people.

People who didn’t know I existed find my music on TikTok, like it, comment on it, and follow me. Because of this, a lot of people have followed me on streaming platforms and listened to my music.

2. Soundplate

“Music technology” is what Soundplate, a record label, sells. It’s how most artists get their music on playlists. People who want to make playlists sign up for Soundplate, which makes their playlists searchable on the site. From there, artists can add their songs for free to playlists based on genre or mood.

How does it help to promote music

75% of the music I listen to on Spotify right now comes from user playlists. Not playlists made by editors, but playlists I’ve put music on and playlists made by fans. Because of how well those playlists have done, more and more of my streams are coming from Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, like Release Radar and Spotify Radio.

Playlists help me and a lot of other people find new music. So, if your music is good, playlists are a good way for new people to find you. And Soundplate is the easiest way to find and add songs to multiple playlists at once.

3. SubmitHub

SubmitHub is a platform that connects artists with Spotify playlisters, bloggers, YouTuber channels, social media influencers, and independent record labels. And you can choose which kind of curator you want to send your music to.

I do want to point out that you’ll have to pay a few bucks for Premium Credits to get anyone’s attention. Premium Credits move you to the front of the submission line and make sure the curators listen to your whole song (however, Premium Credits do not guarantee getting featured). You do get free submission credits, but neither I nor many other artists have had much luck with them.

free music promotion platforms

How does it help in promoting music?

Many playlist makers only accept submissions through SubmitHub, so this is the only way to get on those playlists. These people are always on the lookout for new music.

I got my music on a few Spotify playlists through SubmitHub, and a lot of people listened to it, so I know it works. So, if making playlists is important to you, you should give it a shot. Even more so if you want to send your work to other curators or record labels.

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4. Bandsintown

Bandsintown is the best place to find concerts and bands on tour. It’s easy to use and a great way to let your fans know about your tour dates on Facebook, your own website, and other places.

5. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a social network for people who work in the music business. It has pages for artists and bands, as well as venues, promoters, and other people in the industry. This could be helpful if you want to find more ways to get exposure through other people and groups.

6. Songkick

Songkick is a great place to have a presence so that fans can keep track of your tour dates and buy tickets all on one website. It helps them stay in touch, and there are specific cities so fans can keep up with you where you live.

7. YouTube

YouTube is still the best place to watch videos of the band, and it’s also a great place for new fans to find you. Plus, it’s the best place for fans to share your music on their own profiles and platforms.

8. Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is a great way to share more photos from events and concerts, which you can then link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s another way to keep things interesting and find new ways to promote your music.

9. Reddit Music

The Reddit Music thread can be a great way for bands to get real feedback, which can sometimes be a bit raw. But Reddit is arguably THE place for things to go viral, and your band could be found and shared in this open community where things seem to take on a life of their own.

10. Twitter

Twitter is the place to go for real-time news, on par with or just below Facebook. It can give fans more up-to-date news and make staying in touch with them feel more like a conversation.

11. Music Blogs & Magazines

There are many online music magazines and websites that try to get the word out about new artists, so finding them and telling as many people as you can about your music will always give you the chance to meet new fans. For instance, we at The Music Site are big fans of new and upcoming artists and are always looking for ways to help new bands get started.

12. Dozmia

Dozmia is another way to stream music, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Since it’s a newer player, it might be good for newer bands and help them get more attention. And because the app makes suggestions for people who like music like yours, you might reach more people than you ever thought possible.

13. Stageit

Stageit.com is a great way for musicians to put on live concerts from their laptops. There are also ways to make money so that fans can pay directly to watch the concert and help the artist with their next steps, like making a new album or making money for an upcoming tour. It gives fans a personal experience that really connects them to the artists they like.

14. Your Own Website

This is the first step toward having a band. You need a place to promote your music that you own and where you can easily keep an eye on what’s going on. There are free music sites that are a great alternative, but you should always have your own official band website so your fans can find you.

15. Bandwagon (UK only)

This site is based in the UK and is similar to Bandsintown. It is a great way to spread the word about your band’s plans to tour.

16. FanDistro

FanDistro is a great way to get more people to interact on social media. And when you make a FanDistro project page, you give fans another way to get involved and feel like they are more directly connected to the band and involved in the process as a whole.

17. EPK

An Electronic Press Kit, also called an EPK or Press Kit, is a digital package that every artist or creative person needs. It’s your calling card in the music business, and you can also use it as a digital business card.

18. Festivals

There are a lot of festivals to choose from, and each year, more and more are added. You know the big ones, but why not try ones that are closer to home and build a fan base more quickly? Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, so apply to several. They are a great way to meet music fans who are already there to enjoy a musical experience with you and talk to them.

19. Your Own Music Blog

Again, your blog is like your own website in that you can use it to tell a more detailed story about what’s going on with your band. You can also talk about other bands in your genre and even cross-promote or review them. To get the most out of this platform, let your imagination run wild.

20. PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic is a great way to build a fan base and raise money for a new album, tour, or other project at the same time. This platform keeps fans involved throughout the process and makes your journey feel like it’s for everyone. It can also help you start making money right away.

21. MailChimp for Mailing Lists

This site is great for keeping track of your mailing list of fans. Email is still the best way to keep fans in the loop when you want them to know something. Social media is great, but sometimes people miss important details.

22. Apple Music/iTunes

Most people think it has the largest online music library in the world. It is the place to go for all Apple products, including Apple Music and iTunes. And Apple Music follows the same rule when it comes to suggesting music and finding new bands. Since a lot of people use Apple products, this could be a great way to reach new fans who are looking for music in their favorite style.

23. Google Alerts for Gig and Event Notifications

This is a very important tool for setting up a band’s name. You can find out what people are saying about your band and where they are saying it. It will give you a great summary of what people think and say in their reviews and posts, which can be useful feedback.

24. Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt the biggest social network, and it is expected that your band will have a presence there. This is often the first place people look, so it’s important to have a strong profile that you update often if you want to connect with your fans.

25. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts have become more popular, especially since the videos can be put on YouTube right away. It could be a great place to promote your music, meet fans, and create a little “buzz.”

26. Soundcloud

Soundcloud makes it so easy to share audio with so many people on so many different platforms. This could be a key way to get more fans as you get bigger.

27. Bandcamp

This site is well-known, and for good reason. It helps artists by hosting their music to a very high standard, and it gives musicians a lot of information to keep them informed.

28. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most well-known music streaming services. It has music from almost every artist, so you should definitely be on it. With smart ways to find new music, new fans could find your band every time they look for music in the same genre.

Conclusion on Best Music Promotion Sites

As you can see, there are a lot of places to spread the word about your music, and you should do it often. To be successful, you need to find more than one way to reach fans and make connections. There may be some testing needed to find out what works best for your genre and is easiest to use, but in the end, your band needs to be available in as many formats as possible to get as much attention as possible and promote your music as much as possible.

Promoting their music can be hard for many artists. It might not be easy for you, but it’s a key way to reach more fans. These are the four best sites for bands and artists to use to start promoting their music. From here, you can reach more people and do a better job of promoting your music and yourself.

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