Can loan app access contacts

Wondering Can loan app access contacts? A lot of people have asked and continue to ask if it is possible for a customer or borrower to stop loan apps from accessing your phone contacts after you have already downloaded their app and used their services. I’ve gotten a lot of messages and questions both online and in person, and many of them ask, “Can you stop loan apps in Nigeria from accessing your phone contacts?” After doing a lot of research and reading all over the place, I’ve decided to write this essay about this question. Continue.

Can loan app access contacts?

People love loan apps and online banks because they can get instant credit within minutes with just a few clicks on a digital lending platform or a loan app. This is especially true since they don’t need collateral or any kind of paperwork. It’s not just exciting to know that you can get N50,000 or N100,000 in cash instantly at the corner of your room with just a few clicks on your phone, without going to a bank or writing a check. It’s also a huge step forward in technology.

What borrowers and many Nigerians didn’t know, though, was that the hundreds or thousands of contacts (depending on the case) they kept secretly on their Android or Apple mobile phones or smart phones was the ultimate collateral in case they didn’t pay back the loans they took out.

The numbers they saved on their phones, which the loan apps in Nigeria could access, were the lenders’ insurance, guarantee, and collateral in case they couldn’t pay back or didn’t pay back in any way. In essence, if borrowers didn’t pay back their instant loans, their reputation and pride, or what was left of them, would be used as a guarantee and security.

After you’ve borrowed money from a loan app, you can’t stop it from accessing your phone contacts. This is the simple answer to the question asked in this article. Your phone contacts will be saved right away in a safe place on the loan app’s external database, along with your name, BVN, and other profile information. It doesn’t matter if you delete or uninstall the app later; it won’t affect the contacts. You’re in their hands.

You can still stop them from using your phone contacts and other information you’ve given them access to. To do this, just scroll down to “app permission” and stop loan apps from accessing your contacts, SMS, photo gallery, and storages on your phone. They won’t be able to contact your contacts or post your pictures anymore. They would only have your phone number and deal with you.