Can loan apps sue you in Nigeria?

Have you been wondering if loan apps can sue you in Nigeria or are you asking me, Can loan apps sue you? I will make this short as much as possible based on how I feel and what I found after making my research.

You know we have many loan apps in Nigeria and people borrow from any loan apps they found online or possibly one that was recommended to them.

Can loan apps sue you in Nigeria?

Not all loan apps are registered under the government and it was made known that if a loan app was not registered under the government, they don’t have any right to sue you for collecting a loan from them, it’s then either you both discuss on how you want to pay the loan back and when you feel convenient to pay back.

Also, if a loan app is registered and you borrow a loan from them and you did not pay back at the stipulated time, they have all the right to sue you and this is just about you collecting a loan from a bank of a cooperative organization and you know what they can do if you don’t pay back, they either sue you or collect your property from you.

To Play safe from loan apps and avoid any embarrassment from any of the loan apps, there are a lot of loan options you can choose from make sure you choose the best one that suit you, and when you feel comfortable paying back any amount you borrowed from any loan apps you borrow money from.


It’s a normal thing to broke and it is legal to borrow money from any available space you found an opportunity and make sure you don’t misuse the opportunity given to you as a loan borrower for future purposes as you will still need them to save you more in the future, if you spoil your face from the first time, it might be very hard for you for any loan apps to borrow you money as it will spoil your reputation and you won’t like that.

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