Easy Way To Make Money With Cloudways Affiliate Program

Wondering if it’s possible to make money with Cloudways Affiliate Program? Affiliate marketing is as old as the business itself. Affiliates, or associates, are “middlemen” who put sellers and buyers together and earn a commission for doing so. An affiliate considers a “no sell, no pay” offer to be a good deal because their profit portion is large and they can focus on marketing. Affiliates don’t care about inventory, packaging, shipping, or customer service.

For information products, such as e-books that cost $100, an affiliate will typically earn $50. By finding an affiliate site by entering its search term into a search engine, buyers will find useful background information and product reviews written by the affiliate. He can click one of the links on the affiliate’s website to the seller’s website and reassure himself that everything is fine.

Or perhaps he can get more information by subscribing to the newsletter from the affiliate or seller’s website. Then a sale can happen days, or even months later. This is clearly a win for affiliates; a win for the trader; and a win for the buyer. And that’s why the affiliate business model is so popular. There is a downside to this pink image. Because it’s so easy to join, thousands of new people sign up and become affiliates with very little knowledge of the entire process or even how to get started.

A good general knowledge of Internet business is essential if one wants to succeed as an affiliate. In addition, you must be able to write about the area you are selling or be able to hire a writer. Likewise, the technical part of website creation must be mastered or outsourced. That being said, it’s a very attractive lifestyle, and once you climb the learning curve, the payoff curve can be quite lucrative.

Today, I bring you a review of the Cloudways Affiliate Program, a relatively new hosting affiliate program on the market. While many customers seem to love the Cloudways platform, can their affiliate program say the same? Let’s find out.

Cloudways is a hosting provider dedicated to providing managed cloud services for all types of businesses. Based in Malta, Cloudways has quickly become the preferred hosting choice for thousands of businesses worldwide; thanks to competitive features such as: AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr. Other managed solutions are local data center and CDN hosting for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and PHP to improve site speed.

Cloudways Affiliate Program


How Much Money Can You Make with Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Without a doubt, the weight of any affiliate program is measured by the number of affiliate commissions you can earn on each sale. In the Cloudways Affiliate Program, you can earn up to $200 for every sale you make. But the program is not limited to earning higher commissions. Cloudways allows you to choose from 3 commission models that you can easily earn based on your needs. Unlike other hosting affiliate programs that only offer residual income or a CPA commission model, Cloudways offers both.

Cloudways may be a managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that takes away the strain of server management and offers flexibility, scalability, and the option of freelancing to freelancers, marketers, business owners, and digital agencies.

Whether you are just starting out or already established in the online world, Cloudways affiliate programs cover the needs of all businesses and individuals, regardless of size. As an affiliate, you don’t want your marketing efforts to go to waste. Cloudways understands this and offers three different payment models to ensure you get maximum recurring commissions with high payouts.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

If you feel stuck at any point, the Cloudways Affiliate Manager will help you through everything related to the cloud affiliate program. Their experts will guide you in every way to ensure a smooth and seamless collaboration experience. No one wants an affiliate program that offers meager commissions. Keeping this in mind, Cloudways offers competitive commissions on its entire web hosting plans. If you are an affiliate marketer and achieve high sales, you will be honored by Cloudways with a personalized affiliate commission that includes you at the highest paying tier.

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How Does Cloudways Affiliate Program Works?

Earnings with the Cloudways Affiliate program vary based on the number of referral sales you bring in in a month. Starting at $50 per sale, you can earn up to $200 per sale depending on the structure you choose. Cloudways has broken down its commission structure into three parts, offering different commissions, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

  1. Slabs

The slab commission structure includes four slabs and a Super Affiliate option. Slabs increase as the number of monthly referrers increases, resulting in higher commissions. Earn money by joining the Cloudways Affiliate Program.

  • Slab 1: gives a commission of $50/sale when you have 1 to 5 referrals per month.
  • Slab 2: gives a commission of $75/sale when you have 6 to 20 referrals monthly.
  • Slab 3: offers a $100/sales commission when you have between 21 and 45 referrals monthly.
  • Slab 4: offers a commission of $125/sale when you have 46 to 80 referrals monthly.
  1. Hybrid

If you want recurring commissions to ensure a steady passive income, you should take advantage of the Cloudways matching model. This model offers a $30 upfront bonus and a 7% lifetime commission (a good bargain). The combined model revenue depends on the number of referral sales, the IaaS provider, and the server size. To calculate how much you can earn through matching, visit the Cloudways Affiliate Program page. Enter your details into the combined calculator to calculate your estimated monthly and yearly earnings.

  1. Customization

Are you a recognized name in Affiliate Marketing? Or are you confident enough to get crazy referral sales every month? If so, you can benefit from Cloudways’ custom level and get crazy commissions.

Please read the following options for payment of Cloudways affiliate commissions.

For affiliate payments through PayPal, the threshold is $250 in approved commissions. If you are a Cloudways customer, you can benefit from a money transfer option where you must have $100 in commission approved to receive your commission in cash. For wire transfers, your earnings must be $1,000 or more in approved commissions.

Who can become a Cloudways Affiliate?

Literally anyone can become a Cloudways affiliate. Cloudways doesn’t limit users, whether it’s a newbie trying their luck with affiliate marketing or an established website or business trying to make some extra money. All you need to do is sign up for the Cloudways Affiliate Program and start earning.

How to Become a Cloudways Affiliate

Cloudways’ affiliate program offers extra flexibility to earn higher commissions, access their resources, and get their dedicated support. Follow the simple steps below to become a Cloudways affiliate.

Step 1: Access Cloudways

Go to the Cloudways homepage and log in with your credentials. If you are a new user, sign up for a new account.

Step 2: Establish an affiliate profile

Navigate to the grid icon and click on Affiliate Programs.

Complete the form with the requested details.

After you are done filling in all the details, click on the Create Your Affiliate Program button.

Step 3: Access the Affiliate Dashboard

  • Click on “Visit your affiliate table” to access your affiliate table.
  • Make changes if necessary. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
  • Make a copy of your affiliate link.
  • Copy your affiliate link from the affiliate table to use in your marketing activities.
  • Select Campaigns from the menu to find cool banners and designs to use. You can also get dynamic links for banners and codes placed on your web pages.
  • That’s it! Start marketing products and fill your account with high commissions.

How you can receive the payments:

As soon as the referrer upgrades their account, the listing will be converted to a sale and eventually approved once they have paid both bills in full. Affiliates can receive payments through funds added to Cloudways, PayPal, or bank transfer. Payments are processed on the 10th of every month.

If you are an affiliate and have a website hosted on Cloudways, you can transfer your approved commissions to your Cloudways account. The minimum threshold to transfer funds is $100 in approved commissions.

For PayPal, the minimum threshold is $250 in approved commissions.

For wire transfers, the approved commission should be at least $1,000. The Cloudways affiliate team will contact you for bank details and a copy of the invoice at the time of payment.

Cloudways Affiliate Program Pros and Cons



The key incentive for going with Cloudways is the ability to switch between hosting plans as needed, making it a true pay-as-you-go provider. It might be an excellent alternative for website owners who require flexibility and anticipate traffic spikes.


Almost all of the hosting options will be available at all times. Furthermore, when we tested the speed, it was extremely good.

Server characteristics:

All Cloudways servers include SSD-based hosting and designed caches, among other features.



It’s not that the support is awful; it’s just that it’s divided into tiers. With the simplest plans, you only receive 15 minutes of live chat, which may not be enough to get to the root of the problem (it gets turned into a support ticket after that). You can get extra minutes if you pay for the assistance add-on.

Not the easiest to use:

Even though it looks nicer than cPanel, the backend isn’t the most user-friendly.

Too many options:

For individuals who suffer from decision paralysis, the hundreds of Cloudways possibilities will cause a user to overthink.

CN is not included:

It is not expensive, starting at $1 for 25GB, although competing suppliers include it free of charge.


Cloudways is arguably one of the most well-known cloud hosting providers on the internet. Its great services have generated favorable word of mouth, establishing it as a trustworthy brand among hosting users.

Anyone interested in trying their hand at affiliate marketing, as well as existing businesses, can begin their affiliate collaboration with Cloudways with confidence and earn substantial profits. A well-known and instantly recognizable brand saves you more than half of your marketing efforts because it sells itself; Cloudways is one such brand in the hosting industry.