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Developing a brand on YouTube is now more challenging than ever. Because a lot of YouTubers make high-quality content for the people. And also, they use High-End products to make videos. But if you have the passion and the correct strategy, you can come all the way to the top very quickly.

If you don’t know about the strategies but have the passion, you have come to the correct place. Building a brand is more like taking care of a plant. If we put enough water and fertilizer on it, the plant will turn into a tree one day.

So if you choose Soliu musibau as your consultant, I will train and consult you to become a fully trained YouTuber.

Here you can find my Upwork profile and get to know about my work.

Service Breakdown

Each Service that I offer is described in the tabs of this section. Youtube consulting services and content strategist services are the fundamental focus of my services to numerous clients. The following list describes 5 Measures in determining the success of my business relationships; I hold these 5 Measures at the core of everything that I do with vital importance as well:

  1. Customer/Client Satisfaction: This is always my #1 Priority; whether a short-term project or working with my long-term clients, your Satisfaction is the pillar of my success. The numerous outstanding reviews that I have on
  2. Effective and Efficient Communication: Communication is always vitally important to any Project; effective communication keeps everyone well-informed when working with specific timetables. Listening intently to my clients and communicating regularly is an immensely vital ingredient for my success.
  3. Customer/Client Reviews: This goes hand in hand with customer/client satisfaction. The reviews that I receive from clients are vastly important, and I’m dedicated to delivering the best service/quality combination to earn 5-star reviews. The 100% Job Success Rate and numerous 5 Star Reviews on Upwork represent my dedication to my clients.
  4. Delivering Expectations: When you choose to work with Josh Burns Tech, you are placing your trust in my ability to provide your business needs with high quality. Defining and meeting customer/client expectations is a vitally important measure of project success. During our free initial 10-minute introduction call, we determine the project/relationship expectations and ensure that I can meet all of them.
  5. Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships: I strive to provide my customers/clients with immense value in my business relationships. I want you to know that you made the best decision by working with me. Keeping my customers/clients fully aware of the value that my services offer is one of the most vital keys to success in business relationships.

In the youtube consultant service, I will not only tell you what to do. I will teach you about the Youtube algorithm and how it works. How to SEO your content and how to find what’s the best video you should create according to the trend. Below are standard services that I provide in YouTube consultant services to my clients.


  •  You Tube video ideas
  •  Topic research
  •  Description writing
  •  Hashtag research
  •  Keyword research
  •  Voice over creation
  •  Complete video production
  •  YouTube channel setup
  •  YouTube automation

In this service i will provide a very useful and important services that every youtuber should know. Here are the services that i provide to my clients who takes my Content Strategist Services.



  •  Keyword Research
  •  Competitors  research
  •  SEO research
  •  Blog post writing
  •  Social media caption writing
  •  Social media post research
  •  Content planning
  •  Topic Research

Hire me on Upwork

Hire me on Upwork

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