Top 10 Service to Earn $30 Per Hour on Fiverr

There are a lot of services and skills to make money online, yet this post would be about service to earn $30 per hour but only on the Fiverr freelancing platform and all these are consistent in the freelancing space.

Due to how some new sellers on Fiverr charge to get their first job and review on the freelancing space but also as a standard seller on Fiverr, this is the best price you can charge clients who need your service.

I did not just gather the text in this post but also ask my friends who are also offering any of the 10 services to know how much they charge per hour and that is what I combined together to make this article.

Earn $30 Per Hour on Fiverr

These are also most of the high paying gigs on Fiverr you can tap into today and start making money from the marketplace today if you put everything in the right position.

1. Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentation design has always been high in demand for business owners who are trying to pitch investors and other high-level people who do like to know more about the business.

I asked a friend of mine “Adebayo” who is offering this service to know how much he charges per hour to design a PowerPoint presentation. He told me he did not charge less than $30 for 3 slide designs and if he notices that the business is kind of high profile and really needs high-quality design, then I can charge more than $30 to design 3 slides or 4 slides.

2. YouTube Channel Management

This is another service on Fiverr which I personally offer on Fiverr and I charge $30 to complete an hour of service. I understand the fact that Fiverr did not charge per hour but of course, these are jobs you can complete from your end in under 1 hour and deliver the job at any time you feel like.

I charge $30 to optimize one video on youtube, optimizing the video title, description, tags, and keywords for just a single video.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing on Fiverr

We all know how email marketing is very important in this era and if you want to be successful in your business, you have to add email marketing to your marketing goal in order to be successful in your business.

I ask a friend of mine who is a level 2 seller on Fiverr offering email marketing how much he charges per hour for his service, he started that most times he does charge $70 per hour but the least he charge is $30 to setup an email marketing campaign for his client.

4. Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is another service you can offer on Fiverr and earn $30 per hour on Fiverr with very little and less stress, but to be an expert, you really need to understand how advertising work, how to make sure an ads convert to sales or leads for your client, you have to make sure they achieve their goal with the ads so that they can come back to you for more business, if they are not making sales or if the ads is not converting, they are not going to come back to you again since no good result.

5. Video Editing

Video Editing on fiverr

This is another service you can start offering on Fiverr today to earn nothing less than $30 per hour on Fiverr, to some extent you can also get a long-term deal if you work with a YouTuber who uploads videos on a daily basis and you do be earning a passive income from just a single client on Fiverr. it might be pretty hard to get a return buyer as you just start Fiverr but as time goes on and you have already build trust, you are going to be making more than your listed prices on your Fiverr gig.

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is a kind of a hot niche right now and you can earn up to $30 per hour by offering this service on the Fiverr marketplace. my fiancés are working with 2 YouTube channels writing scripts for their videos and she earns $30 per hour to write 10min long scripts for a tech youtube channel.

You can work with different brands as a copywriter and earn $30 per hour on Fiverr and make sure you offer the best service in order to be able to keep the clients for long-term partnerships.

7. Instagram management

I actually do not have a close one offering this service but I did my research online and also on Fiverr to see how much people are charging on Fiverr offering this Instagram management service.

You have to be an expert before you can secure a job on Fiverr and you really need to make your profile stand out among the other sellers in the freelance space, build trust and deliver more than what you promise your client so that you can keep clients for more jobs.

8. WordPress design

We all know every business owners want to have a website for their business and it also adds to the quality of your business if you have a website where people can see much about you with not just only word of mouth.

I have a friend who offers website design service on Fiverr and earn $30 per hour, he also said that he worked 20 hours per week, imagine how much he’s earning in a month on only Fiverr, that’s a block, right? you can also start today.

You can visit Udemy or any course website and purchase a website design course and you can also be an expert in the website design field today.

9. Voice Over

Voice Over on fiverr

You can be the voice of over 100 YouTube channels and earn passive income with this from the comfort of your home and you don’t need to have expensive tools or equipment before you can start offering this service.

My fiance told me the voice over artist that worked along with her on one tech channel was earning $30 per hour recording the script she wrote for the channel, that was so great and seems quite easy to do but of course is not just that easy, there are things you need to put in place before you can start offering this service on Fiverr.

10. Logo design

As a new beginner on Fiverr, you can earn $30 per hour designing just one logo for a startup brand and you can do this consistently for new brands, you know there are a lot of small businesses that need a logo for new business or an existing business but they would like to update the old logo with new one and they can find your gig online and hire you to design their new brand logo for them.


If you really need a best selling gig on Fiverr or you want to make money on Fiverr freelancing space as soon as possible, then you can tap into any of these skills and start to earn $30 per hour on Fiverr or even more.

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