How to Maintain First Page on Fiverr gig Ranking

Maintaining First Page on Fiverr gig Ranking has been essential and it can bring in a lot of opportunities for sellers who have their gig on the first page on Fiverr, it makes it easier for buyers to find your gig and purchase and it also increases the revenue of sellers to make more sales while on the first page. but their things that warrant sellers to maintain the first page on Fiverr which are what we’d be looking at in this article.

How Fiverr ranks its gigs

Many factors Fiverr consider ranking gigs on the platform. You need to look into these factors which will help you rank your gig on Fiverr and maintain the first position to increase your sales and grow.

Have an excellent Average selling rate

Having an average selling rate would help in increasing your sales because most client now looks into many sellers profile and compare offers on each package and prices to know which gig to order, there a tons of gig in your niche and buyers can definitely find alternative if your service is too cost for them to afford. checking out your competitors gig price would definitely help you in giving your gigs the best price and make sales on Fiverr.

Get Your First Order ASAP

Getting your first order on Fiverr can be so tiering some times as you have to put many things in place before your first order come in with no review, being new to the platform and many other things.

It takes different people different times to get their fist order on Fiverr, it takes some peoples month while some weeks before getting there first order on Fiverr.

When i first started Fiverr, it actually takes me 3 days to get my first order because I offer an high in demand service back then and there are less competition in the niche back then which makes me feel like the platform would be very much easy to make lot of money in short time and ignore every other work and doing to focus on freelancing. between, getting your first order would depends on how you take your service serious, what you put in place and how consistent you are on the platform.

Get positive 5-star reviews

Get Positive 5 star review

Getting a 5 star review on Fiverr this days sounds like you had to do lot of work with unlimited revision to be able to satisfy your client in other to get 5 star rating. Getting 5 star reviews can take your profile a long way as well as increase your sales on Fiverr. Fiverr love good review and it also tell them how professional or good you are in what you do, with this Fiverr makes more money with you and you also makes more, they won’t hesitate to push your gig to the first page and also live you there since they already know the great things you will deliver to client and great reputation to the platform.

Become a Higher level seller

To become a higher level seller on Fiverr, you should have complete 10 successful order and good rating before you can get promoted to be a high level seller such as: Level one, Level two to Top Rated seller and others. try as much as possible to compete your “New seller” stage as soon as possible by completing 10 orders and earn $400 within the 10 orders and you would be promoted to be a Level one seller and increase your sales.

Complete regular orders

Fiverr appreciate it when seller deliver order before the agreed time and this make them believe that you’re ready for business, if buyers request for revision, try all your possible best to remodify and deliver again to complete the order, it will help you to get your money quickly and procced on to the next, then it will also help your profile/gig to maintain the first page.

Add subscriptions to your gig (New feature)

Fiverr Subscription

Adding subscription to your gig will increase your revenue on Fiverr as buyers can consider on ordering multiple service than just one, even if it is %5 discount, buyers would love to benefit from it. I have help 2 clients to manage their YouTube channel for 3 months respectively since i have the subscription feature, they use to buy one month package before but due to the discount given, the see it as opportunity to grow their business with less spend, i use to manage their channel for $300 per month and that could have been $900 in 3 month but with the subscription offer, they are paying $700, wasn’t that a great deal?

Make trustworthy Clients

How have you make your client have trust in you? this happen to me many time if i request for my clients email and password to manage their channel, they mostly prefer to add me as their channel manager instead of giving out their details, i try all my possible best to let them know who i was and why they should trust me, i also go extra mile to proof myself by doing video call with clients and explain project information and what i would be doing if they hire me to work with them, all these give them great chance to trust me as their manager.

Stay online 24/7

Stay online 247 to maintain first page on fiverr

Fiverr says that %70 of sellers that stay online 24/7 makes the most money on Fiverr, why? i put this to myself when i want to hire a seller on Fiverr, i use to filter to online sellers because i need to talk to the seller to get my project done as soon as possible. I don’t want to send a message to a seller that is not online and keep myself waiting for a seller for a day with no positive response, i prefer to talk to available seller even though if the seller have no review on his/her profile, i won’t mind. stay online can improve your sales and also allow you to maintain first position on Fiverr.

Increase your conversion rate

In other to increase your conversion rate, your have to offer a high quality service and by making yourself standout and more promising than your competitors, you need to let potential clients know that you’re the right seller to do their project and nobody else can do it better than you. Sometimes.  Focusing on conversion rate can be a slippery slope and it might naturally go up and down on a daily or weekly basis. One thing you can do to help manage and narrow the gap is to follow up on order queries.


Try all your possible best as a freelancer to maintain first page once you have the opportunity to be there, they result is more than what you can imagine not until you see the result coming in, look into all the above features and make sure you abide with the rules on each section and work towards accordingly.