Fiverr gig deranked; can you actually rank it back?

If you enter the trap of Fiverr gig deranked, What does it really take to rank your derank Fiverr gig back and what do you have to put in place in order to get this done?

Deranking of the Fiverr gig happen to my account in the last 90 days which was around July 2022 after some order cancellations, I end up canceling 3 goog Fiverr orders under one week which I literally don’t know it will really affect my account this way.

I have a Fiverr “promoted gig” feature on the account and my gig was ranking on the first page of Fiverr with daily orders before the cancellation happen.

Fiverr gig deranked

What is Fiverr promoted gig?

Promoted gigs are rolled out to some specific sellers who qualified for the feature starting from Level One sellers. With Promoted Gigs, you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads, not when the ad gets seen. How many people click on your ads and how valuable their placement will determine how much you have to pay. Your cost per click, or CPC, can be different for each Gig and every time it shows up in search results.

Continuity for my story…

I did my possible best to satisfy those clients but they said they would have to contact customer support to cancel the order if I did not approve I was left with no choice but to just approve the offer to cancel and we all pathway.

I have completed two good jobs for one of the clients and he come back for me, but he said he wasn’t satisfied with the newly completed project.

When the cancellations occur, I really don’t know what happen because I still have my promoted gig feature but after a week, I saw a drop in my “order completion” which fall under %80.

I feel like it might come back to %90 before the next evaluation or maybe after I completed some pending orders, it will fall back.

I was having 5 orders in the queue at that time and 3 of the order was completed before the evaluation came in yeah I lost my badge as a level 2 seller and I also lost the promoted gig feature on the account.

Fiverr order cancel

I still don’t relent, I try to work on the other 2 pending orders and I was unable to receive any message or even order from any buyer, my gig impression and clicks keep dropping day by day and I feel so frustrated because nothing was coming my way from the account anymore. 😢

I try to meet up with quick order delivery and fast communication with clients, both new clients and after the order as been placed just to avoid any downside of the Fiverr deranking story.

My Take Away

Try your possible best not to cancel any order on your account because the effect on your account is unimaginable, As I am still struggling to see if the account can rank again or not.

If a buyer wants to cancel, look into any other way for the buyer to have his money back or if he can let go of the money.

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People Also Ask

can Fiverr reviews be fake?

Yes, but mostly it can be hard to tell if a Fiverr review is fake or not or else the client makes it so suspicious with the text review and everyone have their way of smartness.

can I get a refund on Fiverr?

Yes, if you’re not satisfied with a project, you can ask the seller to cancel the order and the money will be available in your Fiverr balance, if you want the money back to your bank account, you will have to contact the Fiverr support to do that for you.

can Fiverr be a full time job?

Yes, but I suggest you have other things you do because you won’t make any money as you just start freelancing on Fiverr but as time goes on and you have seen some signs that you are earning more than your regular job, then you can quit the job and start freelancing on Fiverr fully.

can you get scammed on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a safe place for both buyer and seller to transact and the Fiverr support team takes care of every transaction that was going on on the platform, if you have any issue with a buyer or the seller, you can contact customer support immediately when you feel something suspicious.

how much Fiverr take from buyer?

For a $5 job, Fiverr charge $7.65 from the buyer’s bank account and the seller would have $4 after completing the job.

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