How to Fix Fiverr gig not showing in search

How can you fix Fiverr gig not showing in search? some days ago, I try to push 2 gigs on Fiverr and after searching for the gigs using some keyword terms to locate the gig but I was unable to see any of the 2 gigs that I published on Fiverr.

I had to wait for 24 hours because I know that it takes time before a gig can appear in the search, although it does appear immediately before now it takes time, then I wait for 24 hours to see if those gigs will appear in the search or not.

After the long wait, non of the gig appear in search terms on Fiverr, and below is what I did as explained.

Head up to the Fiverr website and make sure you log in to your Fiverr account before proceeding with this method.

Scroll down to where you see Support, under support, you will see Help and Support, or click here to land on the page.

On the seller section, you will see “Viewing Gig statistics” click on it and after that scroll down to where you see “Still need help?” and underneath click on “Contact support” then on the new page, you’d see where they ask ‘Hello, how can we help you?’ on the 4 options listed, click on the third one which is ‘selling on Fiverr’ then select ‘gig’ on the next section, after that click on ‘gig status’ and select the gig that is not appearing in the search and report the gig to the support for quick indexing.

I also make a full video tutorial on how you can fix a Fiverr gig not appearing in searches which you might find easier to use when you want to fix your own gig and get it to appear in search immediately.


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