How to Get Fiverr Rising Talent badge under 30 days

If you are a very new seller or an existing seller on Fiverr, there’s a Fiverr Rising Talent badge which Fiverr role out early last year 2021 which has helped many sellers to get more sales and gain more trust from buyers.

What is Fiverr Rising Talent badge?

Fiverr stated that every seller that has the feature of the Fiverr Rising Talent badge are literally a new seller on the platform who buyer can trust with their well-optimized profile after considering and putting some required features on their published gig.

Fiverr Rising Talent badge

As seen from the above screenshot from Fiverr, they listed on 4 gigs with the Fiverr Rising Talent badge feature within every service or category on Fiverr, if you check any categories on Fiverr, you’d see these features with just 4 gigs and this seller are likely to make sales or receive their first sale on Fiverr under 30 days.

This feature work mostly for new sellers who just publish their gig on Fiverr as a seller, after the Fiverr team takes their time to review those gigs, then they will assign the badge to any seller that qualified for the feature.

Also, this feature will be removed from any of the sellers after 60 days whether they make sales or not, the feature will be removed and given to another new seller in the same niche.

How can you get this Fiverr Rising Talent badge?

Sharing this from my experience on what the Fiverr team considers before choosing your gig to have the Fiverr Rising Talent badge.

Use a short gig title

if you check the above 4 gigs, you’d see that all the gig title is under 50 characters for their gig title which was very easy to understand and clean title. So, I suggest you make use of the gig title and make sure your gig title is not too long.

Fiverr gives the option for 80 characters but you don’t have to put all your eggs in the basket to tell buyers what you do, you can tell the other stories in your gig Description.

Use a Clear gig image

Having a quality gig image that grabs the audience’s attention can be the hardest part of your freelancing career, especially if you’re not a professional graphic designer, you might find it hard to create a good gig image for yourself, I won’t blame you for that, I have once been like that too but with the help of youtube and canva, it makes everything easy for me and I can new design even more than gig image for myself using canva and figma design.

using a clear gig image would let Fiverr algorithms understand your gig and buyer can also clearly see what service you offer and also the person they are dealing with if you have your personal picture on your gig.

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Gig description limited

Fiverr gives room to use at least 1,200 characters for your gig description but it takes too long and you might end up putting irrelevant Information in your gig description which might affect your gig ranking in the Fiverr search.

In my case, I make use of 500-800 characters which I explain and include what buyers would like to see and know about my service and why they should choose me over my competitors.

You don’t really need to make use of all the space and tell potential clients what they really don’t need to know about you or even about your service.

The most important things to include are:

  • Why your service will benefit them
  • Why you and not your competitor
  • Who you have worked with
  • Why they should trust you

Once you have all these included, then your gig should make it to the first page and get the Fiverr rising talent badge in under 30 days.

Conclusion Fiverr Rising Talent badge

Having the rising talent badge can make your freelancing on Fiverr easier as you will make your first sales in a short period of time without you waiting for a long time and applying for jobs on buyer requests or doing extra promotions to get sales. In my next article, I will write about how to get Fiverr choice badge.

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