How to Fix Fiverr seller eligibility Issue

Lately, Fiverr have been trending and telling seller that they are not eligible to sell a service at that moment: Fiverr seller eligibility.

I understand what you might have went through to create and setup your fiverr accout, most especially after taking hours of researching fiverr gig title, gig tags, and description writing. I takes me 4 hours to create well optimize gig from researching the right gig title for my service, to finding the tags that would definitely work for my service and the height of it is the gig description writing.

I also understand what it takes to write description from scratch but guess what i get after hitting the gig publishing botton and imagine how i feel with just a blink of eye?

Fiverr seller eligibility

Yes, exactly what you saw in above screenshot, I feel like is this the best you guys can give after all the stress i went through to become a seller on this platform. I literally don’t know how many percent of freelancers facing this issue but I know I won’t be the only one having this problem, do i try to work my way through and find the solution to the problem and guess what?

I was able to solve the problem and my gig was later got published but not on that same account again, i was happy on a side and sad on the other side because all my stress wasted and i can not use my username again on another account.

I even went ahead to disable the account and see if they would allow me to use it on another account but no, they do not allow me and i feel like it’s gone.

What i did was this, basically i think i have unstable ip which was the issue that course the problem for not been eligible to sell on Fiverr.

SO what i did was to get a stable VPN that would keep me active with just only one IP address which will help me to create fresh fiverr account and publish my gig successfully with no issue at all.

I try to download Epic browser and install it on my PC, then i run check this browser because it has inbuilt VPN and it’s totally free from everyone.

The VPN has over 5 countries which you can port from one country to another with no stress, yes it is an built in extension for the browser and it works flawlessly.

You can download the browser from here and get started with it, make sure you switch on the VPN before you goto Fiverr to create your account.

Everything is easy to use and aside from switching on the vpn, every other methods is just the normal way of creating fiverr account.

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