New Fiverr Update About Buyer Request

With the New Fiverr Update About Buyer Request, Following the massive overhaul Fiverr had about two months ago, the marketplace for freelancers is still full of hot debates. The latest update is quite bold and you may end up either glad or mad, depending on your choice (and review requirements) as a seller.

Most new sellers might actually find it difficult to see the offer from the buyer request option on Fiverr due to the fact that Fiverr has moved the feature to another level to make sure the buyer request was used effectively and to avoid the abuse of this feature on Fiverr platform, it has now been move as ‘brief feature’ and you can call it seller brief which gives the right access to seller and buyer to work on the same goal and budget.

Fiverr Update About Buyer Request

Sellers can now be able to see offers from buyers using the brief as the seller put the budget for the project, then the right seller who can work with the budget will be able to see the offer from the buyer through email notification and also notified from the Fiverr platform.

This feature has already caused more controversy because most sellers have lost on how to make use of this new feature to stand out and make more sales using the new buyer request feature on Fiverr to secure a job within their price list.

Fiverr sellers can now set a brief on how much they can work with a buyer within a price set from their profile.

If you also notice that a Fiverr buyer request not showing on your profile, then it’s probably because you’re a new seller because you can see buyers’ offers directly if you check the buyer request, or else you are a level 1 seller upward.

The best way for you to receive offers is by setting up your brief, then Fiverr will mail you if there’s a buyer who has a project within your brief, and then you can get connected with the buyer to discuss the project further.

With this method, it’s now very easy to get orders from Fiverr buyer requests,s and sending buyer requests on Fiverr would never be your problem again.

You can also make use of this feature to get your first Fiverr order in under 30 days with less stress and this is guaranteed.

The below screenshot is how Fiverr will mail you if there’s a brief from a buyer which fall between the price set on your profile.

Fiverr buyer brief feature

You will receive this email almost immediately as the buyer submits everything to Fiverr, then Fiverr will scout out the right seller within the service and budget, then the offer will be rolled out to the sellers to apply for the job.

You will also receive the notification on your notification section when you log in to Fiverr using your PC, just as it was shown in the below screenshot.

Fiverr brief new feature

Note: you won’t be the only seller that will receive this offer or notification, Fiverr will send this mail to every seller that set their brief between the buyer’s budget, lesser but should not be higher than the buyer’s budget, if your brief is higher than the buyer’s budget, you will not receive any brief from Fiverr at all.

How to set brief for Fiverr Buyer request

  • Login to your Fiverr account using your pc
  • Turn to seller mode if you’re in buyer mode
  • In your seller dashboard, click on My Business
  • Under the My Business dropdown, click on GIGs
  • Under your gigs, look top right
  • You will see ‘set brief’
  • put in your brief price
  • then SAVE

Fiverr brief set feature

This is a way to set a brief for your service and this brief will work for all your active gigs on your profile, so you have a high chance to get a job quickly if you have multiple gigs on your Fiverr profile.

Also, make sure you understand your niche very well and know the average price a buyer can put as a budget for a project to be executed, with this you will be ahead of the market and other sellers to be able to get orders as soon as possible.


If you really want to get the best out of the new Fiverr buyer request update, you have to set your bride lower between $10-$50 so that Fiverr can merge you with a lot of offers with different clients of course you can upsell later once you build a relationship with the buyer.

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