How to Find Gaming Content Ideas for YouTube

Looking out to Find Gaming Content Ideas for YouTube and Don’t know what to put in your YouTube videos? This detailed guide will give you an insane number of good gaming content ideas and suggestions for YouTube gaming videos.

I asked some well-known YouTube gamers to help me come up with some good ideas for YouTube gaming videos and I also do my research to find some interesting content ideas for gaming youtube channel.

With 50 of the best YouTube game ideas, you’ll never be at a loss for what to post on your youtube channel again.

You might be looking for good ideas for Fortnite videos on YouTube, or you might play another game and be wondering what you could do besides the usual gameplay videos.

Gaming Content Ideas for YouTube

As always, I’ve got you covered when it comes to growing your gaming channel. So let’s get right to some good ideas for YouTube gaming videos that you can start making right away.

Top 50 Good Ideas for Video Games on YouTube

1. Try YouTube Live

When you play your next game, try live streaming it on YouTube. You could get new viewers who are looking for something to watch on the live streams. You could even start gaining followers and find a new hobby.

2. Pin-Point Best Moment in a game

Pick any game and then talk about all the things that are good about it. It could be about something like how real the graphics look.

3. Share bad experience in a game

The same as above, but now you can rant about how bad some parts of a game are.

4. Do Character explanation

Do some research on a character from a video game and then put it all together in a video. For example, you could do Call of Duty’s Captain Price. How many times he shows up in the Call of Duty games, and what he says when he does.

5. Show off your records

If you are really good at a competitive game, you could always make a video showing your stats and K/D. Tell them so they can treat you with respect. It could also be a single-player game where you show off the challenges and trophies you’ve already finished.

6. How to gaming videos

These are by far the most common ways to get people to watch your videos on YouTube. There are always surprises in games, so if you find a good way to get through a certain part, upload it. There’s a good chance that someone else would also want to know how to get past it.

7. Game Story line details

Make a video that goes into detail about the story of a game. It could be about how the main character changes or how the world changes around him.

8. Game Sing

Write a song about a game or a character from a game. It could be very cringe-worthy, funny, or so good that it goes viral.

9. Make a Game walk through

You could upload each chapter or mission of a game separately instead of the whole game at once. For each level of difficulty, you could do a walkthrough. A lot of people watch these because they don’t have the game and want to know what happens or because they do have the game and want to know how to finish a certain part.

10. Solve Game glitches

How often have you been playing a game when something happened that wasn’t supposed to? Maybe you fell through the map and into a secret area where you can’t be hurt. The next time something unexpected happens, record it, point it out, and upload it for others to see.

11. Trophy hunter

When you play a game, do you always try to finish all the challenges and get all the trophies? Why not make short videos showing how to get each trophy?

12. Share Speed run

If you’ve played a game a lot, you probably know how to get through each stage even if you close your eyes. You could record yourself and time yourself to see how fast you can do it.

13. Shout out Unreleased games

You can type “new games” into Google to find out what new games are coming out. Then you can learn more about a certain game and then make a video about a game that’s coming up. These are good because people often search the web for any information they can find about a new game that hasn’t come out yet. If your video is helpful, they are likely to find it.

14. Start Gaming Reviews

You can play any game you want, whether it’s old or new. When you’re done, you could write a detailed review about it. You could also review a new game update, a new level, or a new item.

15. Do Family and Friend Reactions

Get a friend or family member to play a game with you and record how they feel about it. Your mom’s first time playing GTA V could make for a funny reaction video.

16. Make Game Memes

Find some funny gaming memes on the Internet and put them in a video for people to watch. You could even use a text-to-speech program to have the meme read out loud.

17. Suggest A New Game Idea

Give a new idea for a new game or a new idea for a game that is already out. It could be about a certain game and how the next update could fix or improve it.

18. Recommend Games

Talk about games that you think other people should try. For example, you could start with the best racing games of the last 5 years and make a list of the top 10.

19. Make Game compilation

Make a list of the best quotes from a game or the best jumps in a game. You could even record yourself playing any game and make a “best fails” video. With a collection of the best songs, it could be anything.

20. Be a Life of a gamer

Make a video of yourself doing funny things that only happen in games. You could do an emote from a game in public, for example. You can also act in real life like a character would in a game.

21. Record Behind the scenes

When you record your gaming videos, show what it’s like. You can even show how you record, edit, and upload your video game clips.

22. Game play

If not many people have uploaded video footage of a certain game, raw game footage could be a good option. Newer games work best for this. Others look for these kinds of videos to decide whether or not to buy a game.

23. Trophy & achievement guides

You can show how to get certain trophies in a game if you are a trophy hunter. You could make a whole playlist about one game and explain how to get all of the trophies.

24. Gaming collaborations

You could work with other gaming channels that are similar to yours. This way, the other person’s viewers will be able to see you. Like how DrDisrespect and other famous streamers always play games together. So they get more people to watch, and everybody wins.

25. Comparing games

Compare games that are similar and explain how they are different. For example, you could compare Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 and list the things that are different, like the graphics, the enemies, and anything else.

26. Make Interview with Game developers

You could get in touch with some game developers and ask them about games they are making or have made in the past. Small, independent game developers are more likely to talk to you because they want as much attention as they can get for their games.

27. Tell Future gaming

How do you think games will change in the next few years? You can make videos about what to expect from games in the future. It could be about virtual reality, how great the graphics will be, or what kinds of game mechanics could be used in future games.

28. Gameplay reactions

People like to see how other people react to a game for the first time. It could be a big plot twist in a game or just how excited you get when you make a really hard shot in a shooter game. Could also be about how angry you are when you lose a game.

29. New game reviews

When a new game comes out, people always want these. Everyone wants to know what other people think about a game and what reviews say about it. Share your thoughts on a new game and help the community learn more about it.

30. Esport gaming

You can bring up the topic of Esports. You can talk about the members of a certain professional gaming team or how they won their last game. You can also talk about any new players who have joined an Esports team.

31. Questions & answers

Get people to ask you questions about yourself or your game, and then make a video answering all of them. It could be about how you have things set up or what you think about certain things.

32. Tell Gaming secrets

Make videos about hidden parts of games that not many people know about. For example, it could be a way that not many people know to get into a certain place. In Call of Duty Warzone, this video shows how to get into Zordaya prison from the bottom. A lot of people who play this game may already know about this, but new players probably won’t and would be interested.

33. Share Latest gaming news

This one is probably the one where you can find the most content. Just type “gaming news” into Google, and you’ll get a long list of news stories to choose from. Then, when you’re done with your research, you can make a video about it. If the article is new and no videos have been made about it yet, yours could easily rank high and get a good number of views.


Start-ups are never easy. What you decide to do for content will always depend on what you can do. The best way to be successful is to do something you enjoy and are good at.

You will have to try out different things to see what works and what doesn’t. Check to see which videos get the most and least views. Then, just keep making videos like the ones that are doing well.

Let us know in the comments if you think we missed any good ideas for gaming content.

It will take a long time, but it can be done. You just need to keep grinding until you make it.

Good luck and have a nice day!

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