10 Furious Way to Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel Fast 2023

If you are looking for how you can Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel Fast, know that you’re not the only one, Even though YouTube has a lot of gaming channels, there is still time and room for new creators to build successful channels. All you have to do is follow these ten tips.

It is not easy to start a YouTube game channel. Because so many people like to play video games, there is a lot of competition.
With billions of YouTube views, smaller channels like PewDiePie, Mumbo Jumbo, and DanTDM, as well as more well-known creators, dominate the market.

It’s hard for new creators to break through the noise on YouTube, let alone go viral. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel Fast

Focusing on your audience, what’s popular, and the best YouTube tools for getting more views makes it much easier to grow a gaming channel.

In reality, there are only about ten basic ways to build a gaming channel.

Think you have what it takes to play games, build a following, and run YouTube? Don’t forget to take these ten important steps on your way to the top.

1. Pick a single game topic

When you first start your YouTube channel, you might want to play every game you own. You might be able to post some Among Us videos in 2021 because the game is so popular.

After two weeks, adding some Minecraft content might seem like a good idea. But creators, pay attention to what we said. If you want to grow your gaming channel, pick one game to play on YouTube.

From a technical point of view, this is good advice. Even though YouTube’s algorithm is complicated, it seems to favor content that is easy to understand.

If it knows you’re a game developer making movies about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, it has no trouble promoting your movies to people who would be interested in them.

When you play one game, it’s not just to make YouTube’s algorithm happy. It’s also important to stay focused and resist the urge to do everything you’re interested in at the same time.
You don’t have to stop playing your other games, but you should focus on just one of them most of the time. Then, when you need a break, watch a Livestream and play a different game every week.

2. Establish a Value Proposition

tips for growing gaming youtube channel

Think about this tough question: why should anyone care about what you write?
One of the biggest mistakes that I see new YouTubers make is that they only care about themselves. The problem is that people who might watch or subscribe to you will wonder, “What’s in it for me?”

When you’re just starting out with your little YouTube gaming channel, almost no one cares about you.

You have to make them care. Instead of asking people to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel, you should think about what you can offer them.

You must bring something to the table before you are asked to eat.

So, what do you bring to the table that makes you valuable?

Good content usually gives value in three main ways:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Education

I think you think you’re doing number two, which is to entertain. I want you to stop thinking about it. Now is the time to throw out such simple-minded ideas.


Well, everyone has their own idea of what makes them happy, and your first YouTube videos are probably not as interesting as you think.

Also, there are a lot of want tobe YouTube gamers doing the same thing, which is filling the market with let’s play videos that no one cares about. This makes it much harder for people to find your “fun” videos.

So, how can you make your YouTube gaming channel bigger?

Focus on the most important thing, which is education. Educational content is much more objective, and people want this kind of information.

You only have to test it now if you decide to make a tutorial for the game you’re playing on your channel.

Is it helping people do the things you told them you would help them with? If you said yes, then you should be proud of yourself for making a video with strong content.

Don’t forget to think about who your channel is for and what they’d get out of subscribing to it. Think about who your channel is not for as well.

If you can say both of these things well and clearly, you’ll get more subscribers because people will know if your channel has what they want or not.

3. Upload at least one video to YouTube every week

how to grow gaming youtube channel

Consistency is very important on YouTube. As a new creator, you don’t have to post everyday gaming content, though. Instead, make it a goal to post at least one video to YouTube every week.

What does this number have to do with anything? On the other hand, YouTube has become very good at getting the right information to the right people.

YouTube will keep letting users know about your videos whether you post one a day or four a month.

When you first start out on YouTube, don’t try to keep up with the schedules of producers who have been there for a while. Don’t worry. So, you can see how YouTube fits into your life, whether you’re trying to balance school, work, and family time.

4. Create attention grabbing thumbnails and titles for your videos

Gaming YouTube Content Idea

People are most interested in the names and thumbnails of the videos. They get people to click on your content, so this powerful duo should always be used to its full potential.

The title of a video on YouTube isn’t just for looks; it could also help you move up in the search results. This happens when someone searches for certain keywords, finds your video in the results, and clicks on it.

People’s sentences are often good sources for keywords that you can use in the title of your video. If you can find popular YouTube keywords that aren’t too competitive, you’ll be one step closer to making great titles that people will want to click on.

But being at the top of the search results on YouTube is only half the battle. Once you’ve done that, your video’s thumbnail should lead you to the end.

To do your best in this area, keep the visuals simple but eye-catching. It should be easy enough that people can understand it in less than a second.

5. Keep your video introductions short and fun

fastest way to grow youtube channel

Low retention sends a bad signal to YouTube’s algorithm, so it’s important to keep your audience. It means that your movie isn’t as good as it could be, so it shouldn’t be recommended over someone else’s.

Make sure the first part of each video is interesting so this doesn’t happen. Don’t show the menu screen of your game while you talk; just get to the point.

Move your character(s) around the game’s area as you talk about what today’s video is about. The goal is to make it difficult for people to leave without clicking. The title of your video makes a promise to people who watch it, and you should keep that promise early and often.

6. Do some research on the topic of your video before you start recording

Think of a few possible titles for your video before you start making it. At first, this might seem strange, since a title can be changed to fit the final video, right?

It’s not a bad guess, but it won’t get thousands of people to see your movie. It’s better to come up with a title first, then do keyword research to see how well that topic would rank on YouTube.

You don’t even know it, but you’re being forced to make the best video you can. First, you’ll find keywords that will help you make your content better for YouTube’s algorithm.

Then you’ll do a few hundred YouTube searches to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. When you’re done, you should know if the video is worth watching or not.

It’s very disheartening to make a video that nobody watches. Work backwards to figure out how your video will work. This could save you a lot of time.

7. Research Video Ideas by Joining an Online Gaming Community

The hardest thing about YouTube is coming up with ideas for new videos. Because of this, a lot of gaming channels just pick their favorite game and play it for a long time.

They want to make a “let’s play” show with titles like “Minecraft Survival Episode 12.” Let’s play videos are fine, but they need to be used in a smart way on YouTube.

Most of the time, people who want to play a game are looking for certain parts of it, not a gameplay episode. Join a Discord group to get better ideas for content.

Find one that is about the game you want to play, and then pay close attention to what other people say. Almost certainly, you’ll hear about:

  • Many changes are made to the game.
  • What tips do audience what to know about the game
  • What new viewers feel about the game

These three things, especially the last one, can give you ideas for interesting videos. If a beginner has questions about how to play a game, there are a lot of video lessons on YouTube that can answer them.

Also, don’t forget about the Reddit and Steam gaming communities!

8. Create YouTube videos based on popular gaming topics

If you’re a new artist, a popular subject might help you get more views on YouTube. Pop culture, holidays, gaming news, or anything else that gives your content strategy a positive (but still targeted) element could be used.

9. Upload few YouTube shorts to increase your views

Do you know what YouTube Shorts are? Smaller creators are getting millions of views on YouTube with these vertical videos that are less than a minute long.

Shorts are for people who watch YouTube on their phones. They are good for people who want a quick laugh or a quick explanation of a topic or situation. Short videos are great for people who don’t want to watch longer, more typical videos.

They are also great for people who play video games. YouTube Shorts can quickly record the funniest things that happen in games, like a character falling off a high ledge, getting destroyed by other players in a matter of seconds, or a glitch that no one saw coming.

Even if you don’t have a funny video to share, you can still make lessons for people who want to learn something quickly.

When you’re ready, post a few Shorts to your YouTube channel. We’ve seen gaming channels grow because of short videos, and we’re not just talking about short bursts. It is possible to start with a few hundred members and grow to a million in three months.

If you want to stand out on YouTube, you should follow all of these tips. Make headers and thumbnails that stand out, give your channel a clear focus, and do a lot of research before you start recording.

That may seem like a lot of work, but in the end it will be worth it. You won’t have to spend months trying to figure out how to master YouTube. Instead, you’ll go straight to “all-star” status (a.k.a. more views and subscribers.)

10. Create a Playlists To Organise Your videos and Get More Watch hours

YouTube gaming playlist idea

Most new YouTube users don’t know about the playlist feature.

A lot of YouTubers don’t make enough use of playlists. Playlists are often overlooked by new YouTubers, resulting in missed possibilities for growth.

Playlists are useful for organization, boosting view time, and assisting the YouTube algorithm in recommending your channel.

Playlists are most commonly used to organize your videos on your site.

You have the option of showcasing your playlists on your YouTube homepage. You should take advantage of this chance to demonstrate the sort of material you provide on your channel.

If you want to be a variety channel, utilize these playlists to show off the many games you’ll be covering.

Make a playlist for each game you’ll be covering, as well as for each style of coverage. Create a playlist for both your game lessons and your lets plays/live streams, for example.

You may make very precise playlists for niche channels that cover different parts of the game you’re playing.

Arrange your playlists on your channel in the order of relevance, with the most essential playlists at the top of your homepage so that visitors notice them first when they arrive.

Conclusion How to Grow a YouTube Gaming Channel Fast

The majority of individuals who start a YouTube channel eventually abandon it. It’s harder than it looks, and most people don’t have the patience, persistence, and discipline to stick with it until the end.

Even if you work very hard and do everything right, you might not get the results you want in a month or even a year (if you actually implement these steps and learn about SEO etc. you will almost certainly see results in a year).

You’ll see results if you make 50 videos on the same topic, do keyword research to make sure you’re making videos that people want, and use these SEO techniques to optimize your videos correctly.

Consistency, dedication, and smart work will get you where you want to go, but you can’t expect anything.

Even if a video doesn’t do well in its first week, it can still gain a lot of views and subscribers in the long run.

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