How does Fiverr detect multiple accounts

Looking out to How does Fiverr detect multiple accounts? Fiverr’s terms of service say that you can’t have more than one account, and if you do, all of your accounts could be banned.

But if you are careful, you can use more than one Fiverr account.

To do this, you should use different devices for each account and, if possible, a different internet connection for each account. You should also make sure that each account uses a different way to pay.

How does Fiverr detect multiple accounts

How Many Accounts Can You Have On Fiverr?

Fiverr’s terms of service say that each person can only have one account.

But it is possible to make more than one account if you set up each one on a different device.

You also have to keep using the different accounts on the different devices you set them up on. If you don’t, Fiverr will figure out that the same person is using multiple accounts and close them all.

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How Does Fiverr Detect Multiple Accounts?

Fiverr can find out if a person has more than one account in a number of ways:

If you use both accounts from the same device often, Fiverr will be able to tell.
If you use different accounts on the same internet service, Fiverr can see that both accounts use the same I.P address.
If both accounts get paid to the same Payoneer or Paypal account, it’s easy for Fiverr to see that the accounts are linked.
When the profiles of your sellers are very similar.

How to use multiple Fiverr accounts without getting in trouble

Even though it’s against Fiverr’s rules to make more than one account, you can do it without getting banned if you do these things:

Get a second internet-connected device, preferably a laptop.
Turn off your phone’s WiFi and use its mobile data,
Set up a WiFi hotspot on your phone and cast it to your second device.
Make sure that when you use Fiverr, you only access your first account from your first device using your WiFi and your second account from your second device using a mobile hotspot. Labeling each device will help you remember this.

If you use the Fiverr app on your phone often and want to use it on both devices, you will also need to buy a second phone to install the app on and use your second account on.
If your first account uses PayPal, use Payoneer for your second account (or vica versa).

Can You Use Two Fiverr Accounts On One Laptop?

If you don’t want to go through a lot of trouble, it’s hard to use two Fiverr accounts on the same laptop without getting banned.

If you really want to do this, make sure that, in addition to following the steps above, you also:

When you use each account (WiFi/Mobile Hotspot), you can connect to a different Internet connection.
Use your second account in a different browser than your first account (for example use Chrome for account 1 and Safari for account 2).

Can you use the same Internet connection for more than one fiverr account?

Yes, you can use more than one account on the same internet connection. For each account, though, you must use a different device.

In some cases, Fiverr will use your IP address as proof that you have more than one account. This can be disputed, as it is not unusual for more than one person in a household to have a Fiverr account.

Can Having Multiple Accounts Get You Banned?

Yes, it is against Fiverr’s rules for a person to have more than one account.

If you make more than one account, all of the accounts you make could be banned from Fiverr.

If you share a computer and internet connection with someone who also has a Fiverr account, both of your accounts could be banned by mistake.

If this happens to you, contact Fiverr’s customer service and tell them what happened. They should be able to get your accounts back.

If you have more than one Fiverr account and are worried that you might get banned, you should delete all but one of them and re-upload your gigs to your main account.

Why Would You Need Multiple Fiverr Accounts?

In theory, you don’t really need to make more than one Fiverr account because you can add as many gigs as you want to one account, even if they have nothing to do with each other.

But some sellers like to group gigs with similar topics together.

For instance, they might want to have one Fiverr account that sells services related to SEO and another that sells services related to graphic design.

The idea is that if a buyer looks at your Fiverr profile and sees that you specialize in a certain area, they will be more likely to buy from you than from an account that is more general.

In reality, this doesn’t work very often. It’s much better to just have one Fiverr account and work hard to get your gigs ranked there.

Can we make 2 accounts on Fiverr?

Yes, but at your risk because Fiverr upgrading their security every month to make sure the platform work for every individual equally and they are looking out to remove anyone that operate multiple account but as at when writing blog post, you can run multiple accounts on Fiverr with above mentioned methods.

Does Fiverr track ip address?

Hell yes, Fiverr take ip address more important this days even when am trying to change my fiverr account from one country to another and they notice that my location wasn’t change as i try to claim and they did not allow me to change my location, but guess what? i later got it done using incognito chrome browser and it was successful. not advisable but then if you run Fiverr using incognito browser they won’t be able to track your ip address.

Can i delete my fiverr account and make a new one?

Yes, you can delete your fiverr account by going to settings and then security, then below, you’d see where it say’s you should diable or leave fiverr, choose your reasons to leave fiverr, then click on proceed or continue.

Note: after disabling your fiverr account, you won’t be able to use that same username again or the email address, so you can just find new username and new email to open new account.

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