How many freelancers are in Pakistan

Are you wondering How many freelancers are in Pakistan? Working as a freelancer or from home for a foreign employer is becoming more common all over the world, including Pakistan, which is one of the best places to find talented people who can work in high-demand fields.

How many freelancers are in Pakistan?

According to a survey by San Francisco-based hiring company Deel, Pakistani professionals working remotely for foreign employers not only made it to third place in the world, but their companies also gave them big raises.

According to the “State of Global Hiring Report 2021” made by San Francisco-based Deel, Pakistanis hired by foreign companies to work from home have some of the fastest-rising salaries in the world.

The salaries of people hired online from other countries went up the most in Mexico (57%), Canada (38%), Pakistan (27%), and Argentina (23%). (21 percent). The salaries of people hired from India went up by 8%, those from the Philippines by 7%, and those from Russia by 4%. Philippines, India, and Pakistan are the top three countries where people were hired through Deel in the Asia-Pacific region.

In his report, Deel didn’t say how much money people in Pakistan made after their pay went up by 27%. Software engineers, account managers, quality assurance engineers, product designers, and consultants are some of the top jobs that can be filled through Deel.

The pandemic and recent improvements in communication technology are helping to make the talent market more global. This is giving people in developing countries new opportunities to work remotely for global companies at higher wages.

Deel has more than 250 partners who are experts in law, accounting, mobility, and taxes. In its latest report on global hiring, the company says that any business can create, sign, and send localized contracts and pay teams in more than 120 currencies with just one click. It lets contract workers get some or all of their pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dash, or USDC.

Pakistanis Are Among Highly Paid Freelancers

In 2019, Payoneer did a global survey and found that Pakistani women freelancers earned $22 an hour, which is 10% more than the $20 an hour that men earned. Pakistani men who work as freelancers make the same amount as freelancers around the world on average, but Pakistani women make more than freelancers around the world on average.

The digital gig economy is not only helping women make more money than men, but it is also making it easier for women to join the workforce in the United States. The survey also finds that having a college degree doesn’t help you make more money in the growing “gig economy.” In 2015, the survey was done.

A Pakistani freelancer who works 34 hours a week at $20 an hour makes $34,000 a year, or nearly 6 million Pakistani rupees a year. This is a lot of money for a young Pakistani. One of the good things about the online global labor market for skilled young men and women in developing countries like Pakistan is that it gives them this chance. Tech startups in Pakistan are sometimes started by people who have worked as freelancers. The year 2021 in Pakistan was a great one for tech startups.