How to become a social media copywriting

Before the Internet, copywriters and account executives would work for hours, days, and even weeks to get better at what they did. It could take that long to come up with a catchphrase that gets people to buy alcohol, cars, or anything else.

Advertising moves a lot faster now than it did in the past. Graphics and ads for a campaign or branding idea can be made by marketing companies in days or a week, if not faster. Thanks to digital design programs, a skilled graphic artist can make an ad that is ready to print in just a few hours.

How to become a social media copywriting

Because of the growth of social media, companies have to come up with a lot of different messages and strategies. They have to run different ads every day at different times and on different social media platforms. Copywriters write the content of social media messages that are meant for specific groups of people. People can get ready for jobs as social media copywriters by getting an online Bachelor of Arts in English.

What is social media copywriting?

Copywriters for social media come up with the messages that companies use in their posts on social media. They spend their days working with company reps, clients, and account executives to turn marketing ideas into a hashtag, phrase, or longer post for different social media channels.

Copywriters are the main people who come up with ideas for these kinds of social media graphics or messages. They might start by making storyboards or coming up with ideas with the advertising team. Then, it’s up to them to use their copy to get the brand’s message across in a clear and interesting way.

Using a specific voice and style to send a targeted message helps the strategy work better as a whole. After the idea for a post is approved by higher-ups, the copywriters put the strategy into action by writing the copy, publishing the post, and then using analytics to track how well it did.

Social Media Copywriter Industries

Social media copywriters are hired by companies in many different fields to write copy that gets people to take action. This could be following an account, going to an event that was advertised, commenting on a post, contacting a service provider, or buying a product.

What are social media copywriter jobs


The Sprout Social Index shows that 91% of people who follow a brand on social media will go to their website or app and 89% will buy from that brand. Just as important, 84% will choose that brand over a competitor. Over the past few years, data has shown that retail brands that are active on social media, write interesting copy, post interesting photos of their products, and get a lot of followers get a lot of benefits.


The Sprout Social Index says that some of the people who have the most followers on social media are sports teams and athletes. News sites can keep sports fans up to date on certain teams and athletes, but fans can also watch or read what the athletes have to say. Copywriters can manage the social media accounts of sports teams and write messages that are short, informative, and interesting.


When nurses, doctors, and medical administrators use social media in healthcare, they can get the word out about health issues like the spread of diseases and basic health tips. Copywriters can write blog posts for medical facilities and other groups that want to say many different things.

A health care provider may want to remind people to get a flu shot, set up a screening, or see their primary care provider once a year. Professional copywriters who know about medicine and work for healthcare facilities can help stop the spread of false information and make sure that people on social media get their information from reliable sources.

Social Media Copywriter: How to Become

To become a social media copywriter, you need to learn the right skills, such as how to use digital media, talk to people, and write. With the right education, students can get better at all of these skills and more, which will make them more appealing to future employers.

Establish an Online Presence

Anyone can go online, make social media profiles, and sign up for free accounts on multiple platforms. If you want to work in social media, you should be comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By using them a lot, future social media copywriters learn what works and what doesn’t, as well as the different ways of communicating that each platform emphasizes.

Develop Skills

what is social media copywriting

Once a person wants to be a social media copywriter, the next step is to learn how to use social media. This means learning about graphic design, analytics and how to make sense of them, and how to write social media posts that could “go viral” and reach a large number of people. By making their own social media accounts, people who want to be copywriters learn how to build a brand and select images and messages.

Earn a Degree

Without practice, social media skills can only get so far. Copywriters-to-be can learn more about tone, voice, style, and the mechanics of the English language, as well as how it affects an audience, by going to college. In the social media world, getting a degree like an online Bachelor of Arts in English is often a necessary step on the way to becoming a copywriter.

Why You Should Become a Social Media Copywriter?

There are many good things about working in the social media business. In the past 10 years, social media platforms have become more and more popular, with more people using them every day, week, and month. Many businesses all over the world use social media marketing as part of their business plans, so copywriters who are interested in social media are in high demand.

As a social media copywriter, you can choose from a wide range of topics, from politics and travel to beauty products and soft drinks. Working in social media gives writers a chance to use their creativity and connect with a wide range of people.

Social Media Copywriter Salaries

As of September 2020, PayScale said that the median annual salary for copywriters who were good at social media marketing was about $51,000. The bottom 10% make about $37,000 a year, while the top 10% make up to $73,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn’t have specific data on social media copywriters, but they do count them as public relations specialists. As of May 2019, the median annual salary for people in this field was $61,150.

Employment Outlook for Social Media Copywriters

As of 2019, the BLS says there are 274,600 jobs for people who work in public relations. It says that the number of jobs for these people will grow by 7% between 2019 and 2029. This is a little bit more than the national average of 4% job growth and adds up to 19,700 new jobs in a wide range of fields.

As of 2019, 13% of the PR market was held by the advertising industry, which was also one of the largest employers of PR specialists. 13% of people who work in this field also work in educational services. 10% worked for the government, and 8% worked for businesses.

Learn More About Becoming a Social Media Copywriter

As you learn more about social media and graphic design, make sure to enroll in a degree program that will help you improve your writing and communication skills. You can get better at writing by taking classes in things like rhetoric, creative writing, classic literature, and more.

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