How to block my BVN number

Are you wondering How to block my BVN number? The (BVN) Bank Verification Number is an 11-digit number that lets banks know who a customer is. So, the Bank Verification Number is how banks know who you are. But your BVN number isn’t like your name or account number. It’s a way to prove who you are that shouldn’t be shared with everyone.

The Bank Verification number has helped cut down on cybercrime and illegal financial activities in Nigeria in a big way. Even though the BVN number has a lot of good points, it also has some problems that need to be fixed. One of them is that hackers can find out everything about a client if they have their BVN number.

How to block my BVN number

Cybercriminals can use a person’s BVN number to get into their personal banking information and then use that information to trick their clients into giving them more sensitive information. They could also use your BVN information to make illegal money transfers, which could get you arrested for a crime you didn’t commit. block BVN Number

Because of these problems, I’ll show you how to block your BVN number if you think it’s been stolen in today’s article.

Can my account be hacked with the BVN number?

Yes, cybercriminals can use your BVN number to get into your bank account. Still, they would probably need more information than just the BVN number. Keep your BVN, ATM card number, CVV, PIN, and Bank One Time Password (OTP) safe so you don’t fall victim to a cyber attack.

Your BVN number could be blacklisted if your account is involved in any financial transactions that are thought to be fraudulent or if the account has been reported to the Central bank by reliable sources. When your BVN number is put on a blacklist, all of the accounts that are linked to it are frozen until the problem is fixed. So, it’s important to keep your sensitive information safe and report or close your account if you think you’re being attacked online.

How can I block my BVN number?

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is the only organization that has the power to block your BVN number if they find any illegal transactions or get reliable reports of fraud on the account. Once your BVN is blocked, you won’t be able to use any of the accounts linked to it to do any business.

If someone steals your ATM card or you see that your account is being changed by a fraudster, the next step is to stop all debit transactions from happening. Using a cell phone is all it takes to close your account.

How to block your Bank account using mobile phone

To block your account using your mobile phone, follow the steps below:

First Bank: Send “BLOCK” to 30012 from the phone number you have on file.
Zenith Bank: Use your registered phone number and dial #966*911#
GTBank: Use your registered phone number and dial *737*51*10#
Send the text message “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123 from your Union Bank account. For UBA, use your registered phone number and dial *919*10#.
Fidelity Bank: Use your registered phone number and dial *770911#
Call 070078378464 to talk to Sterling Bank
Call +23470020003000 to talk to Keystone Bank
Send your Ecobank ATM account number and the word “STOP” to 0806326226. For FCMB, call +2342798800.
Call +23412802500 to get into the bank.
Call +2348039003700 to talk to Wema Bank
Call +2341270850 to reach Polaris Bank. To reach Stanbic IBTC, dial *909# from your registered phone number.

How can I change my BVN phone number?

If you lost the phone number that was linked to your BVN, you will need to go to any branch of the bank that gave you the BVN. There, you’ll be asked for your phone number, account number, and BVN, among other things, if you want to change the information in your BVN. The person who works at the bank will show you how to change your BVN phone number.

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