How to check nirsal loan approval with bvn number

How to know if your NIRSAL COVID-19 loan is approved

Nirsal Loan: Everyone who wants a loan should check the status of their application.

How to tell if your NIRSAL COVID-19 loan is approved

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank has answered questions from a number of Nigerians who didn’t know if their COVID-19 NIRSAL loan requests would be approved.

How to Use BVN Number to Check NIRSAL Loan Approval

Things you should keep in mind

First, here are some things you should pay attention to:

You just need to be more careful about who you help and how you help them.

You must have both a profile and a platform before you can use the portal. This means that you must have registered online when it was still open. You can’t log in until you’ve made a profile.

Second, microfinance loans that don’t have to be paid back will only be given to people who are eligible. Here are the steps and links that loan applicants need to take to find out the status of their loan:

Based on the other steps, the first thing to do is carefully go to your email address. Those whose loan requests have been approved will get an email telling them they can get the money.

Click here or go to if you haven’t heard anything yet that your loan has been approved after applying online.

If you can’t remember which type of loan you applied for, the two most common types are SME and Individual/Domestic.

The next step is to confirm your account by sending in your BVN. If you’re lucky and the loan is approved, a window will pop up that tells you how much you were approved for.

Your next step is to ask for your debt. Give your bank information and details in the right way. There is room on the portal for it.

The last step is to find out the loan’s terms and conditions, then read them and make sure you understand everything.

You will also find out about the director who is in charge of your payments and how to pay back the loan.

If you applied for an NIRSAL loan, you’re in luck because there’s a new list of successful applicants. This update was announced today on the official NIRSAL Facebook page.

Check out the message:

“Dear Covid-19 TCF Applicant,

Please click on the links below to see if you’ve been given permission.

NIRSAL loan approval Check for Household: People who have applied for a household loan can go to the link below, enter their BVN information, and check the status of their loan approval.

NIRSAL loan approval Check for SME: Applicants who want a SME loan should go to the link below, enter their BVN information, and check the status of their loan approval.

You can check to see if your loan application has been approved by clicking the link above.

After you open the portal, put your Bank Verification Number (BVN) in the space provided.


Click “Validate BVN” after that. If you see a pop-up message that says “BVN does not exist,” you are not on the shortlist. Instead, wait for the third list.

Right away, you got a message congratulating you. You then put in your correct account information and waited 24 hours for the alert.

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