How to increase conversion rate in Fiverr

Thinking about how to increase conversion rate in Fiverr is essential and sometimes you might find it so difficult to even convert any buyers due to one or two reasons, but in this article am going to guide you through the right process you can use to increase your conversion rate on Fiverr and skyrocket your sales as soon as possible.

How to increase conversion rate in Fiverr

Some of the features might sound like “No way” for you to do that but in the long run, you’d see the great result it will bring to your gig and you will see the amazing result at the month’s end if you compare it to a previous time before you apply this method.

Gig Pricing

Gig pricing is one of the essential ways to increase your conversion rate on Fiverr, there are many of your competitors who have a lower price than yourself and buyers could find it hard to see cheaper service with the same quality and still choose you with a higher price for the same service.

Look around your competitor’s gig and compare your price with theirs and if possible to lower your own by %20 than your competitors until you reach maybe Level 2 seller and have the clients coming back to you every time to purchase your gig, you would have built long term relationships with them and they won’t want to leave you and choose another seller.

Gig Promotion

Promoting your Fiverr out of the Fiverr platform is another way to increase your Conversion rate and get sales as soon as possible without you even waiting for Fiverr to push your gig to the first page.

If you drive sales through the social media page, you can actually charge them at your own rate and they won’t hesitate to purchase your gig because they might have not seen any lowest offer apart from your own.

To promote your Fiverr gig to increase your Conversion rate on Fiverr, you can make use of platforms like:

The above listed are spaces you can use to promote your service for free and increase your Conversion rate with no cost and make more money.

Stay Active Online

Fiverr says that sellers that stay online 10 hours per day are to get orders every day because buyers now use the online feature to filter to online sellers who can get their projects done as soon as possible or to even discuss their projects in real-time without waiting in the DM for a seller who is not available to reply their message not to talk of starting the project.

You can download the Fiverr mobile app which will help you stay on track and reply to messages and order immediately after you have one.

Join Fiverr Community

The Fiverr community is actually underrated but trust me, buyers check this space to hire professionals to get their projects done for them, and you know a seller can also be a buyer from the platform.

You can join the Fiverr community space and participate in the room that interests you, share your opinion on different talks which you believe it’s the solution to the problem and you can also learn from what works for people and apply it to your profile.

Conclusion on How to increase conversion rate in Fiverr

It takes time and consistency to be a successful freelancer on any freelancing platform and increasing the Conversion rate is another thing, but trust me Fiverr is still one of the best platforms to make sales in a short period of time if you put in all the right things in place.

People Also Ask

Can Fiverr detect auto refresh?

No, Fiverr cannot detect auto refresh but when it’s done often, the bot will fail to load your dashboard and you’d be asked to re-login your Fiverr account again.

can Fiverr contact your school?

No, Fiverr cannot contact your school for any reason and they cannot look into any of your privacy if you did not give them permission to do that.

can Fiverr detect fake reviews?

Yes and No if the method of running the review is not well done, The Fiverr Bot will detect and both buyer and seller accounts will be disabled.

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