How to Reactivate Fiverr Account

Looking out to How to Reactivate Fiverr Account? Fiverr is an online marketplace where millions of independent workers sell their services and make a good living. Fiverr lets you offer a wide range of services, such as web design, social media marketing, content writing, and so on. This article will show you how to get your Fiverr account back up and running.

On Fiverr, thousands of people try to get their profiles approved. It’s not easy to get an order on Fiverr once your profile has been approved. Because there are thousands of skilled people on Fiverr who can do work or take orders. So, getting order is hard and takes time for people who are just starting out. Most applicants give up on Fiverr when they don’t get any orders from clients. When they stop looking for work from other clients, their account is temporarily deactivated.

How to Reactivate Fiverr Account

How to Reactivate Fiverr Account

Reactivation of deactivated account on Fiverr

When you don’t use your Fiverr account for a while, the Fiverr team turns it off. When you don’t follow Fiverr’s rules, your account is also shut down. If someone wants to get their Fiverr account back up and running, all they have to do is send an email to Fiverr.

No one could help you with this term. Fiverr is allowed to close your account. If you’ve broken any of Fiverr’s rules, you’ll get an email telling you how you’re using the site wrong. Every email you send to Fiverr gets a response within 24 hours. If Fiverr can’t find anything wrong with your account, it will be activated after 24 hours.

Deactivation of Fiverr account due to breaking down Terms Of Services (TOS)

Sometimes, a new seller on Fiverr will complain that his account went away for a short time. Then he should follow the rules he agreed to when he signed up. You must follow them to the letter. When you create an account on Fiverr, you should carefully think about what you can and can’t do.

When you sign up, it is very important that you read the TOS. If you don’t have much time, read these terms of service before making a Fiverr account. If you did not follow the rules, you got a TOS warning. Most of the time, these terms of service are listed at the bottom of every Fiverr page.

How to active my Fiverr account

Someone wants their Fiverr account back. Then, this person’s account could only be activated by the Fiverr Customer Support team. No one has the right to access this platform in order to set up an account for someone else. Account activation by anyone can only be done by people on the Fiverr Customer Support Team.

How to contact the Fiverr Customer support Team

You will need a profile approval email and an account deactivation email to get access to Fiverr’s customer service. The Fiverr customer service team gives you a link or a list of people to contact. You can send an email to Fiverr’s customer service team when you click on it. That helps you get the message to the Fiverr Customer Services Team.

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Reactivation of Fiverr account

After 24 hours have passed since you sent an email to the Fiverr Customer Services Team, you will get a reply. When the Fiverr team can’t figure out what’s wrong with your account. Fiverr turns on your account again.

If Fiverr looks into any concern, like a violation of the terms and conditions, it won’t let it happen. Then Fiverr sends you an email in which it explains why your account can’t be used any longer.

Deactivation of account for incomplete verification

You already know that Fiverr keeps its members’ accounts up to date. When Fiverr can’t verify an account because the information isn’t complete, it sends an email and temporarily shuts down the account. Fiverr talks about the problem in this email.

If anyone wants to fix these problems, he should respond to this email to get his Fiverr account back up and running. After looking into the problems, Fiverr will turn your account back on.

Can i create new Fiverr account after disabled?

Yes, you can create new Fiverr account after the current one is disabled but just make sure you use another browser when trying to setup new account to avoid issues.

Fiverr account restricted and under review

If your fiverr account is restricted and under review, best thing is to just leave the account and move on to create another account, don’t contact the customer support to fix it for you or else the account will be disabled, try to withdraw all your pending balance from the account and move on.

My fiverr account is permanently disabled

If your fiverr account is permanently disabled and you have no access to login again, you can only have access to withdraw your money after 90 days and the account will be lock again after 3 days.

How to enable temporarily disabled Fiverr account

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer has to wait until the trial period is over (which can take up to 90 days) to find out if the account will be permanently disabled or brought back online.

How to get back fiverr disabled account

If your fiverr account was permanently disabled, you won’t have a chance to open the account again or else if the disabled happened by a mistake from the support.

How to avoid fiverr account blockage

Try as much as possible to abide with the rules and regulation of fiverr and make sure you don’t contact buyers out of fiverr, fiverr don’t like that at all and also don’t share email or phone number while chatting with buyers.


You already know that Fiverr is the best site for freelancers. It changes the profiles of the sellers or buyers who are members. If Fiverr finds a problem when it updates files or accounts, they will deactivate your account and send you an email explaining why.

This post will help you if you have a problem with your Fiverr account being deactivated or going missing for a while. Thank you for wanting to know how to get your Fiverr account back up and running.

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