How to stop loan apps from accessing my contacts

How to stop loan apps from accessing my contacts? A lot of people have asked, and continue to ask, if someone can stop loan apps from getting access to your contacts. The answer to this question will be based on a more detailed explanation of the stages it refers to. Is it before you download the loan app, after you download the app and get a loan from them, or after you delete and uninstall the loan app (whether you got a loan or not)?

I’ve gotten a lot of messages and questions, both online and off, from people who want to know how to stop loan apps from getting access to their contacts in Nigeria or anywhere else. After doing a lot of research and reading all over the place, I’ve decided to answer this question in depth and answer all the questions that many customers and readers have asked since then. Continue.

People love loan apps and online banks because they can get instant credit within minutes with just a few clicks on a digital lending platform or a loan app. This is especially true since they don’t need collateral or any kind of paperwork. It’s not just exciting to know that you can get N50,000 or N100,000 in cash instantly at the corner of your room with just a few clicks on your phone, without going to a bank or writing a check. It’s also a huge step forward in technology.

How to stop loan apps from accessing my contacts

During the application process, you’ll have to choose an option from a drop-down menu for some fields. Then, for whatever reason, you might decide to get rid of that field. These easy steps will show you how to do that.

In this case, we’ll use the section on “Existing Properties” as an example. When Rates Notice is chosen as the Estimate Basis.

If you want to get rid of that entry, you need to put your cursor over the Estimate Basis field, press the Tab key on your keyboard to move into the Estimate Basis field, and wait for a little “-” icon to show up.

To get rid of your entry, just click on that icon. The field will then be empty.

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