13 Furious Micro Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2023

Looking out to find Micro Niche for Affiliate Marketing? We’ve met a lot of people who are thinking about what new hobbies and businesses they’ll try this year. Most of us are still trying to get over the effects of the pandemic at the start of 2023.

Affiliate marketing is still a good way for publishers and people with any kind of social traffic (including Facebook and TikTok) to make money because it’s easy to get started and the return on investment (ROI) could be good (ROI).

We’ve written about affiliate marketing and CPA marketing before, so you can read those articles to learn more.

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Choosing a niche may be the most important thing you have to do before getting into this business. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most profitable affiliate marketing verticals for 2023 and how to keep up with the latest trends.

What is a vertical in affiliate marketing?

According to Adsterra, A vertical or “niche” market is one where demand comes only from one industry or group of people. Vertical marketing means making products or offers that appeal to a certain customer or trying to make products that already appeal to that customer more appealing.

Affiliate marketing verticals tell you which affiliate products you’ll promote to different groups of people based on their budget, age, gender, location, or interests.

Focusing on a specific vertical is a good idea for more than one reason.

Some people, for example, wonder if it makes sense to write about meditation and cryptocurrencies on their blog if both verticals bring in money from affiliate sales. When a blog has so many different kinds of posts, it can make people feel like they’ve landed on the wrong one. As has been said on this blog before, it’s easier to make $100 from ten affiliate marketing websites than it is to make $1000 from one.

On the other hand, if you know how to buy traffic for both crypto offers and health offers, you can make more money through your CPA network.

1. Gaming

Micro Niche for Affiliate Marketing

During the pandemic, games like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Among Us became so popular that even “boomers” played them.

Now, consoles, PCs, and mobile devices are all a part of the gaming community. And in the world of affiliate marketing, mobile is a big deal.

Over 200 million people in North America play video games, but this is a small number compared to the estimated 2.5 billion gamers around the world.

The average gamer is happy to buy a new GPU or gaming chair every year, just like tennis players are happy to spend several hundred dollars on a new racket or cleats.

This makes a luxury market segment that will always be in demand. The gaming niche is, in general, one of the most competitive when it comes to affiliate marketing.

We did find 30,359 keywords, though, that had a KD score of less than 19. Also, there are a lot of niches to work with in gaming, and the demand is growing all the time.

2. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are contests where people can sign up to win something, and the winners are chosen at random. Sweepstakes are a term used in affiliate marketing to describe most offers that require users to sign up for something, such as VOD or online courses.

You’ve probably seen some of the most popular sweepstakes offers, which ask you to sign up in exchange for free iPhones, laptops, and gift cards. Most sweepstakes have a way for people to sign up.

Users only need to enter their email addresses and other personal information to finish the conversion.

The user doesn’t have to pay anything, and the advertiser will pay you. In Tier 1 countries, user data (email, name, etc.) is valuable, so advertisers are willing to pay for it. This could make sweepstake offers a good way to get people to sign up for mobile services in some GEOs.

In Tier-3 countries, however, user data isn’t as valuable, so subscriptions are the only way to make money. We’re sure you still have questions about how to use sweepstakes offers, where to run them, and what the best strategies are.

3. eCommerce

Micro Niche for Affiliate Marketing

When you work in this niche, you promote certain products (usually ones that are in high demand) and get paid a commission for each order.

Companies like Amazon and AliExpress, as well as smaller, local businesses, offer goods and services through eCommerce. There are always many offers to choose from, and you can always find something easy to use.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition in e-Commerce, which leads to low payout rates and makes it harder to find the best deals in big online stores. You should carefully look through multiple CPA networks to find a high-paying offer with a good flow.

4. Dietary supplements (Nutra)

Nutra is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches because it sells products for weight loss, beauty, health, and a wide range of other things. Each product is aimed at a different group of people: Weight-loss pills are marketed to people of all ages and both sexes, while hair-loss treatments are aimed at older men. These groups are easy to find, and the best deal for you will depend a lot on how much money you have.

On most websites, it can be hard to sell some products. For example, pills and medicines for men that improve their sexual performance are not allowed on social media sites like Facebook. But you can use ad networks and buy traffic from popunders, for example. This way, when people visit a publisher’s website with a Popunder code, the advertiser’s landing page will open.

5. Health and Wellness

People want to be as healthy as possible and look as fit as they can. This could be a side effect of how movies and popular culture show people how they should look. Anyway, health is wealth, and this affiliate marketing niche is one that will always be useful.

From 2022 to 2026, the global health and wellness market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.10 percent, to $4.24 billion.

The Health & Wellness industry is made up of all things that make people healthier, like spa retreats and travel. People are interested in new products that can help them get healthier, which makes it easy to sell health products. But because there is so much competition, newcomers should focus on fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, beauty, and health.

6. Beauty and Makeup

There is a lot of competition in the beauty niche because there are video bloggers and influencers, who often compete with affiliates who have websites. But the beauty industry is growing. It is expected to reach $716 billion by 2025 and $784.6 billion by 2027, with a 4.75 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). In this affiliate marketing vertical, there are sub-niches like hair care, nail care, skin care, male cosmetics (beard care), and more.

7. Finance

Micro Niche for Affiliate Marketing

There are so many products in the financial niche that you probably use some of them. Millions of people have credit cards, bank accounts, borrow money, invest, or trade stocks and Forex. Companies that use financial technology (fintech) have quickly gained billions of customers.

By 2025, the global financial services market will be worth more than $28.5 trillion, up from $20.4 trillion in 2020. Another reason to promote a financial vertical is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming more and more popular.

People often listen to the advice of friends, acquaintances, and experts when it comes to economics. So affiliate marketing is often used by financial companies to promote their products. Also, some of the highest commissions (around $100 per sale) come from financial affiliate programs.

8. Gambling

Because of the lockdowns, the number of people who use the Internet has grown, which has been good for the gambling business. Since online casinos and betting sites have become more popular, many people can now try their luck and get a thrill without leaving their homes.

With a CAGR of 7%, the market is expected to reach $674.7 billion in 2025. Because of this, the rise in online demand makes it easier for affiliate marketing to work.

We think sports betting is a good place to start if you’re looking for a more specialized gambling niche. Aside from sports, there are other events that get a lot of attention. We’re talking about big events like the Winter Olympics, the UEFA EURO football tournament, the Cricket world cup and championships, the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, the World Cup, and more. During playoffs and “finals,” people are more interested in sports and betting on sports, which gives affiliate marketers more chances to make money.

9. Education

Online education has never been more in demand than it is right now. People are becoming less interested in going to college and want to learn skills they can use to make money. Some of our writers, for example, have tried their hands at 3D design and illustration, which pays better. You can find online courses in any language and at any level of difficulty that fit your needs and interests.

10. Dating

Affiliate marketing’s dating niche won’t go away as long as people are looking for any kind of romantic relationship. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Badoo are some of the most popular dating websites and apps like this. Also, many bloggers and coaches give advice and lessons on romantic dating, which is a good platform for affiliate marketing. In 2020, the world’s 270 million registered users of dating apps brought in $3.08 billion.

11. Travel

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You don’t have to be a millionaire to go to faraway places because there are so many cheap flights and hotels. People travel more now than ever before in human history. This is great news for the travel industry, which expects to make up to $7 trillion a year.

This means that it is one of the most profitable affiliate niches, and there are many profitable programs to help you get started.

Travel has many possible niches and sub-niches, from hotels and flights to city tours, luggage, insurance, and even clothing.

So, you won’t have to try to sell cheap flights and hotels like most affiliates do, which is a bad idea. In the past, only rich people could go on cruises, but that’s no longer true.

About 26 million people go on a cruise every year, which is something to think about. The same people will spend about $3,600 per person on vacations on the high seas, making the industry worth about US$125 billion.

People from all walks of life go on cruises, and there are cruises for both single people and rock music fans. One important tip is to focus on the thousands of informational keywords with very low KD or to find a sub-niche within this one.

12. Music

Every year, millions of people who could become musicians are born. Of those, 28% will learn to play at least one instrument by the time they are six. This number goes up to more than 40% for 14-year-olds. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that more and more adults are learning to play musical instruments.

We want to tell you that a lot of people play musical instruments or want to learn how to play them. All you have to do is make them offers they’ll be happy to take.

But that’s the trouble with the music vertical: it can be hard to find programs that make money.

13. Software and mobile utilities

MacBook Pro

Almost every job requires the use of software. People are always looking for the next best software to keep their businesses running smoothly. This makes it very profitable to sell good software as an affiliate. There are antivirus products in this evergreen affiliate niche. Antimalware apps are in high demand no matter what time of year it is. During a pandemic, when people can work, shop, and have fun from home, this vertical becomes very profitable.

These products work on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, a desktop computer, or an iOS or Android device. Their ads look like reminders from the user’s operating system, and they work well with push notifications.

One of the oldest and most successful types of affiliate marketing is antivirus. Antivirus software seems to be the first thing affiliate marketers who want to make a lot of money should do.

The antiviruses vertical is one of a kind because its offers are popular all year long and don’t change with the seasons. It can be used on a wide range of devices, from phones to desktop computers with different operating systems. Depending on the situation, payments can be anywhere from $1 to $100 or even more. Most of the time, deals don’t put any limits on what kind of traffic can be sent.

How do you find lucrative affiliate marketing niches?

Most of the time, the best affiliate marketers use a mix of tried-and-true verticals and hot niche ideas. If you want to know where to find them, you should start by looking at the big picture.

Think about how much time and effort you are willing to put into this new project. Do you only want to know about PPC campaigns? Will it be a blog or a site for affiliate marketing? Are you going to get all of your visitors’ and readers’ email addresses? Will you also run campaigns on social media?

Even the best ideas need a detailed plan for how to make money off of them. To be successful, you’ll need more than just an idea, affiliate links from programs or networks, or even first-hand knowledge of the niche. So, we suggest that people looking for help follow a few tips we’ve put together.

Observe market trends:

If you know what’s popular now, what’s going viral, and what’s making people talk, it can feel like you’ve won the lottery. This is the only way for a newbie to find the best niches for affiliate marketing. You can get ideas from social media trends, authoritative sites, or blog posts in your field that talk about the latest trend.

React, adapt, and act:

When a new season starts, a new trend starts, just like with Christmas or St. Valentine’s Day. Think about the health niche and the most popular trend right now. Here’s a hint: weight loss may be just what you need after the holidays;

Don’t focus all your efforts on one niche:

Try out other similar niches before putting all of your money into the one that turned out to be the most profitable.


In affiliate marketing, the best niches are those that offer products that people want. People’s tastes change from season to season, so there is no definitive list of these products. Instead, there are only hints and observations.

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