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Looking for a simple and easy way to make money with an affiliate program? Paykickstart affiliate program is the perfect solution! With this program, you can earn money by promoting products and services. We provide all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Paykickstart affiliate program

In most cases, affiliate marketing software is a separate entity designed to work harmoniously with an existing e-commerce platform or shopping cart solution. However, PayKickstart was created out of frustration with this approach. As co-founder Mark Thompson explained:

We were selling software products and services online. Still, we had to use various solutions to maximize each new and existing customer. This was time-consuming and made it difficult to keep track of everything.

Duct tape usually lasts longer than most startups, but Thompson’s frustration is still warranted. Solving a problem with one product would be much simpler than trying to get several different products to work together. In this case, they needed a shopping cart to take payments and relied on affiliate marketing as a low-cost way to spread the gospel. Since there was no one product available that fit their needs, Thompson and his partner Matt Callen decided to create one.

paykickstart affiliate program

PayKickstart affiliate program is a versatile tool that many entrepreneurs can benefit from. Not only is it a shopping cart and affiliate marketing platform, but it also serves as a payment gateway and a service for managing/charging for memberships and subscriptions. Plus, it’s a landing page builder! PayKickstart affiliate program has everything that Thompson and Callen were looking for to support their business, so they decided to use it in-house. However, as they began discussing it with other people in their field, they realized that many of their colleagues were also interested in trying out the platform for themselves.

PayKickstart affiliate program has come a long way since it was first created. It now has an impressive list of features, a beautiful and sellable front end, and a long list of satisfied customers. Nearly 4,000 businesses rely on PayKickstart today!

5 Quick Easy Ways to Instantly Increase Your Revenue on paykickstart

Would you like to learn how to increase your income today? You don’t have to be an expert in change to make more money, but you do need to know how to get the most bang for your buck. Here are five quick ways to increase your income immediately:

1-Click upsells

selling up is one of the better ways to get the most out of each customer. Instead of just selling a product and counting your sales, the goal here is to increase each ticket sale to its maximum potential.

To do this, there must be an upsell:

  • Irresistible
  • Quick
  • Easy

The “irresistible” part can be done with a deal that is too good to pass up, but the “quick and easy part is where many miss the mark. One-click upsell is the answer here. Between the time a customer decides to take the bait and the time the sale takes place, there are a lot of abandoned shopping carts. One-click upsell makes this possible, so there’s no barrier between the customer and the sale, meaning more money in your pocket.

Upselling to customers is just a click away and a program like the PayKickstart affiliate program is easier than ever. With this program, customers can get an upsell with just one click. There are no more obstacles or missed opportunities. If the customer is interested in further sales, all he has to do is click one button.

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Click upsells

2. Audience targeting with an audience builder

Audience Builder is a powerful tool that allows businesses to target customized groups of people with pinpoint accuracy. You can create audience lists based on factors such as demographics, preferences, or even previous actions (such as whether or not they clicked on a link). With this data, you can create a customized experience for your users and increase your sales.

If you want to target users who haven’t purchased yet, you can create an audience list for them. This way, you can design a campaign specifically for conversion and re-engagement purposes.

There are several audience-building tools that can be used with different platforms and checkouts. Pay Kickstart affiliate program allows you to target each audience in the most profitable ways, design campaigns more efficiently, and squeeze the most sales from each group in the most appropriate way.

3. Customized checkout pages

Optimizing and customizing your checkout page can increase your chances of making a sale. For example, when customers can see exactly what they’ve purchased, as well as their running totals and discounts, they’re more likely to be interested in purchasing more products. Consider this formula:

Behavior = Motivation x Ability x Trigger

If we want more customers to complete a purchase, we need to increase at least one of the three factors. A customized checkout page makes the process easier and faster while increasing motivation to continue down the conversion funnel.

So what should your shopping cart look like?

· Clear confirmation that items have been added to their cart.

· Upsells visible on the checkout page based on products already in the cart

The “Continue Shopping” and “Proceed to Checkout” buttons are above and below the items listed in the cart. Next to these buttons is the “Pay Now”/One Click Checkout button.

Did you know that 1 in 4 customers abandon their cart due to forced registrations? Make it easy with a customized checkout page that pre-populates all fields for customers. That way, they won’t have to worry about filling in all the information themselves. PayKickstartaffiliate program  uses a one-click checkout process that quickly moves customers from “interested” to “buying.”

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Customized Checkout Pages

4. Stop paying fees for every sale

As a business owner, you know that not all of the money a customer pays for your product goes into your pocket. Payment processors charge a fee for each sale, which means less money for you.

PayKickstart affiliate program removes these fees so you can keep more profit from each sale. Associated fees are removed when customers use their credit cards or other payment processors to pay. That money stays in the sale and in your pocket.

This way you can maximize your profits and keep more of the money you earn.

5. Instant affiliate payments

Third-party vendor tools can easily hack your revenue stream. By incorporating everything an affiliate would need in one place, affiliates don’t have to wait the traditional 30-60 days for their payment. The moment the conversion happens, your affiliate is rewarded.

This increases your revenue because when your affiliates are immediately rewarded for their work promoting your product, they are now more inclined to work harder. Long waits for payments hinder affiliate growth; Instant affiliate payments now make affiliates work harder, faster and better.

if you are A one-click upsell make it, so there’s no barrier between customer and sale, which means more money in your pocket.

It only takes one click to upsell your customers, and a program like the PayKickstart affiliate program is easier than ever. With this program, customers can take the upsell in just one click. There are no more barriers or missed opportunities. If a customer is interested in taking the upsell, all they need to do is click one button.


With all the money you can make online through paykickstart, why wouldn’t you want to make a change in your life, and start making money online? Paykickstart is a great program that will get you started and make you money online. It’s free to use, and it’s easy to get started. It has a great support system in place for new users, and also for experienced users. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money online.