Plus500 Affiliate Program

Wondering if Plus500 Affiliate Program is really paying? Plus500 is a global financial company that provides online trading in contracts for difference (CFDs) in over 2,000 securities and asset classes. The company is based in Israel, and they have subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore, and Bulgaria.

Plus500 is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS), and the Israel Securities Authority (ISA). It is a component of the FTSE 250 Index and is traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker “PLUS.”

Plus500 Affiliate Program

Plus500 is an internet dealer where you can trade CFDs on stocks and cryptocurrencies, among other things. (Availability of instruments is subject to regulations.) The Plus500 affiliate program is another way to make money with Plus500. In this blog entry, we’ll look at how you can profit from the Plus500 affiliate program. We also talk about what to look out for when promoting Plus500.

An affiliate program is one that compensates users for bringing in new customers. Affiliate programs are used by businesses to ensure that they can easily attract new customers. They only reward the affiliate by paying the affiliate when a client is introduced or referred to them. Plus500 receives no compensation for promoting their trading platform in this manner.

At the same time, they significantly expanded their reach. These are the activities you may perform on Plus500. You can promote Plus500 on a website that is personal to you. However, this website must be about trading or money in some way. So you can’t promote the Plus500 Affiliate program on a kangaroo website, for example.

You can register a website after creating an account with the Plus500 affiliate program. Plus500 validates all URLs you enter. You may only promote Plus500 on websites that have been approved by Plus500.

Plus500 Affiliate


To what extent can one earn with Plus500?

This is entirely dependent on your efforts! Plus500 pays you for every trader you refer. Reports are available within the affiliate program to assist you in tracking your progress.

The quantity of fresh registrations indicates how many people sign up for a demo account. Real traders indicate how many of those individuals deposit funds to begin trading. Only qualified traders are compensated. When a trader generates up to a $40 spread for Plus500, he becomes a qualified trader. As a result, it is only worthwhile and wise to promote Plus500 to serious brokers who put money in larger sums.


You will receive a one-time commission if a trader you refer is classified as a qualified trader. The amount of commission you receive varies by country. You will receive $200 for the least interesting countries, while traders from other countries may receive up to $800. One very impressive thing about the Plus500 Affiliate Program is that you don’t have to bring in a lot of traders to make a good living!

Promotion Requirements

Plus500 is required to follow the regulations and norms. This, of course, applies to you once you begin promoting the Plus500 Affiliate Program. As a result, it is not permitted to promote Plus500 as a “quick buck” method. The promotion rules are clearly laid out on the Plus500 affiliate platform.

One basic principle is to always include a risk warning on your website. The risk notice should include the percentage of Plus500 traders who lose money when trading CFDs. When promoting Plus500, it is not permitted to say that you can transact in shares. Trading at Plus500 is always done through CFDs.

Unqualified or complete statements are also prohibited. You cannot, for example, claim that Plus500 is the best broker. The only thing you can do is to mention that it is one of the best brokers. Plus500 has a technical team that continuously checks to see if all affiliates are following the rules. This team ensures that all websites continue to follow the rules. If it is detected that there is no compliance, they will send an email outlining the necessary changes. After that, you have 14 days to update the website. If you do not make the necessary changes in a timely manner, you will be unable to forward traders from your website to Plus500.

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It’s a beneficial move because the Plus500 broker makes sure affiliates continue to follow the rules. Plus500 could otherwise get into big trouble. However, as an affiliate, having to make countless numbers of changes can be annoying at times. It’s definitely worth talking to the compliance team; sometimes they’re a little too stringent with the modifications they want you to make. To earn a lot of money, you must create a powerful website. Google’s competition for financial keywords is intense. This is not shocking given the high commissions. You can earn thousands of dollars if you refer ten traders in a month.


As a fresh affiliate, you should begin with a narrow and targeted topic. A niche keyword is easier to rank for than a broad keyword. Creating a website about trading in general, for example, is more challenging than creating a website concerning trading in Apple shares. Your goal after launching your website is most likely to obtain the highest possible position in the Google search engine.

Your goal after launching your website is most likely to attain the greatest possible position in the Google search engine. After all, Google is used by the vast majority of individuals to find information. Using an algorithm, Google attempts to rank the highest-quality websites first. To be classified as a high-quality website, you must write high-quality articles. Immerse yourself in your visitor’s perception and strive to fix your visitor’s problem.

For instance, when a computer user goes to the internet to search for “what is a share?” It would not be completely wise to promote Plus500 immediately to the broker. This shows the visitor is clear and precise about what he wants, and that is information about the shares. However, if the visitor or an entirely different computer user goes to the internet to search, ”where can I trade in CFD shares?” then it is clear and certain that this user is a potential broker. There has never been a better time to introduce Plus500 to a broker.


Authenticity of the Plus500 Affiliate Program

Before you begin promoting the Plus500 Affiliate Program, you’re certainly curious about the Plus500 affiliate program’s credibility. This approach has been adopted for up to ten years, and the results have been pleasant. This online program is quite user-friendly, and because of the different advertising choices, you can quickly integrate Plus500 into your website. For example, while a link can be used to advertise the Plus500 affiliate program, graphs showing real exchange prices can also be used.

Plus500 Affiliate Program Pros and Cons


  1. An abundance of trading assets.
  2. The ability to select the site’s language (the interface is available in 31 languages)
  3. The ability to conduct transactions via mobile devices.
  4. The Plus500 affiliate program is ideal for newcomers because the broker has a low minimum deposit and inexpensive fees.


  1. There are issues with withdrawing cash.
  2. It does not work with traders from Ukraine, the United States, and a number of other nations.
  3. Scalping, order manipulation, and robotic trading are all prohibited.


In all, the review of the Plus500 affiliate program is overwhelmingly positive. Earning money as an affiliate is not easy, but it is absolutely worth a shot. You may create a free account with Plus500 by visiting the website and following the instructions. One can discover the numerous possibilities for oneself by registering an account with the Plus500 affiliate program.