How to Rank a Deranked Fiverr Gig Again 2022

If you are looking out for a way to Rank a Deranked Fiverr Gig Again in 2022, this post might guide you as I will share with you what you can do to make your fiver gig come back to live again and you’d be able to make sales on your gig again after there deranging of your fiver gig.

Rank a Deranked Fiverr Gig Again

There are many factors that hold on to make your gig get drank on fiverr which the most effective factor to get your gig drank are:

Bad Star Rating

If you eventually get 2-3 bad star rating from 2 star down below, you gig will experience gig deranking on fiver with Short period of time with no notification, you will just notice that you are not getting any message again and your impression will keep going down.

No stable Online

Fiver value sellers that reply to buyers message under 10-30 minutes because they want to make money and they can’t afford to loss any buyer from the platform since they know they have competitors which the buyer can decide to leave fiver and goto another website, so if you are not online, fiver will tell the buyer that you are away and you might likely to return back online after some hours, Fiverr will also recommend other sellers to the buyer incase you did not reply.

Log in from different IP Address

If Fiverr notice that you are accessing your fiverr account with different IP, they believe that different people are running the Fiverr account and you gig is likely to get derank for accessing the platform from different location.

Late delivery

Delivering order lately will definitely hurt your fiverr gig and affect deranking, you are to have agreement on when you should deliver an order to a buyer and the buyer would be expecting the delivery from you, if you deliver late, it’s either the buyer give you bad rating or tell fiverr how bad experience he/she have with you and with that, fiverr will think you’re not ready for business, they will replace your gig with another seller and drank your own.

These are the most common factors that I found which mostly affect fiverr gig deranking and below, am going to list out what you can do to get your gig rank again after deranking.

Stay Online 24/7

If you want to gain your position back on fiverr, you have to start staying online often and it will help you gain lot of impression, clicks and fiverr will start recommending your gig as they will believe you now mean a business which is what they are expecting from you from the start.

Stay away from bad reviews

No matter how cheap bad review is, try all your possible best not to have one, do all what it takes to get 5 star review at all time from your clients, some clients do give hard tasks to complete and some clients will order without messaging you with a complete project you cannot do, I actually understand all this because I have engage in deranking before and I know what I do face with different clients but I always put in all my best to satisfy them.

Do online Promotion

To gain back your position back on Fiverr, you have to do promotion by promoting your gig along side promoting fiverr platform, Fiverr want to dominate freelancing space and as you are promoting your personal gig, you are also promoting fiverr platform on it’s own because the client that will buy your service might also be interested in another service in the future.

Ask for gig favourite

reach out to other freelancers like you who freelance on fiverr to help you favourite your gig and you can also return the favour back in the future if they need anything from you, this gig favourite would also help you to boost your gig ranking because it serve as people really love your service and they will still like to buy again in the near future.

Give discount

Reach out to old buyers and give them %30 discount on every of your package to increase your gig authority and get back your position, doing the favour would make buyers to want to purchase your service again and you both win on the sides, you will have your gig rank again, you will get 5 star rating and they will also spend less on their project instead of the regular price tag.


All the method explain above might actually take time than expected to get back your position back, but we all know that you don’t get your gig rank to the first page in one day, it’s a gradual process and you can achieve your position back if you do it right and being patient.




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