Any help is welcome when it comes to running or taking care of a YouTube channel.

Content creators with large audiences or brands that make content on the platform often split up tasks like replying to comments, adding subtitles, uploading videos, etc. so they can get more done in their daily work.

How can you make this happen? By letting other people manage your YouTube channel.

How to add managers to your YouTube channel

When you make someone a manager of your YouTube channel, you give them access to your account so they can do certain things. How much management they have will depend on what role you give them.

It may seem easier to just give them your login information. But this would mean giving someone else access to your Gmail account, which you probably don’t want to do.

So, giving admin permissions from your YouTube channel seems like a better choice.

1. Click on Settings.
Go to YouTube and click on the icon for your account. Tap “Settings” in the drop-down menu, and then go to the account dashboard.

2. Choose Add or Remove Manager (s)
Click Add or Remove Managers once you’re in your account settings. If you have a personal channel instead of a brand channel, this option won’t be there.

You will be sent to your Google account when you go to YouTube. You’ll need to click on Manage Permissions here.

add managers to your YouTube channel
3. Mobile verification
Google will ask you on your mobile device to prove who you are. Google has more ways to make sure you are who you say you are. For example, you can use two-step authentication with Gmail or it can just ask you for your Google password.

Once you’ve logged in, click manage permissions again. A window will pop up where you can see who is already managing the channel and what their roles are.

4. Choose the role
When you get here, you can click the button in the top right corner to add a new person to your YouTube channel.

Then, add the email address of the new member and their role, which could be Owner, Manager, or Communications Manager.

youtube channel manager roles

What kinds of permissions do managers have?

Primary owner:
The person who has full access to the YouTube channel is the main owner. They can use all of the features, like giving roles to other users, adding or removing videos, changing information, etc. This role can’t be changed because it belongs to the channel owner and can’t be given to someone else unless the primary owner role is given to someone else.


Youtube lets you have more than one owner, each of whom can change, upload, and even delete videos. The main difference with the primary owner is that the owner can take away their role without giving ownership to anyone else.


You can upload videos, reply to comments, and add playlists just like a channel owner. You can also look at the stats. You can’t delete the account or add new users, though.

Ideal for giving permissions to someone who will work for your channel or the channel of your company.

Communications manager:

This member can respond to comments on the videos and look at notifications from Google.

It’s a great way to let people help you run your YouTube channel without giving them full control. The person in charge of communications can’t add videos, content, or see channel stats.

Now you know the roles and how to give a manager access to your YouTube channel. Once you do that, the person you added will need to accept your invitation to start working with your channel.

And how do you get rid of permissions on YouTube?

Taking away permissions is an easy thing to do. If you stop working on YouTube or if your relationship with someone on your team ends, you may want to stop that person from accessing your channel.

Just do what you did before, and when you get to the members’ section, click on the “x” on the right.

That’s all it takes. You have already taken away the rights.

Can youtube managers upload videos?

Of course yes, your youtube channel manager would be able to upload videos to your channel if you give access as a manager to the channel.

Who is the youtube manager?

A youtube manager is someone who takes care of your channel day to day activities by engaging with your subscribers, video uploading, and other tasks while you have time to do other things for your business growth.

How do you get a youtube manager?

You can hire a youtube manager from different platforms or an agency platform after confirming that such person is an expert and of course understand what your channel is all about and what to do on your channel for effective growth.

What can youtube managers do?

YouTube manager is the right person to take care of your video uploading, video optimization, keyword research, hashtags, and video promotion in order to grow the channel.

Final thoughts:

Careful! Don’t confuse Youtube Studio with the Youtube chan. If you want to give access to Youtube Studio (, you will have to do the same thing from the Youtube Studio app. You can tell it apart by its domain name, which is