Which App Gives Loan Faster in Nigeria 2022

Looking out for Which App Gives Loan Faster in Nigeria? Getting a loan for personal or business use has become easier. Anyone with a bank account and a smartphone and internet connection can put in a loan request at any time and, in most cases, get the money right away. Some loan companies even let you use an old phone as long as you dial a certain USSD code.

Like every other emerging market, Nigeria is seeing a rise in the number of companies that lend money. But not all of these companies offer services that are safe and reliable. The best loan services should give you the money right away, have a low interest rate, give you enough time and options to pay back the loan, and have good relationships with their customers.

Which App Gives Loan Faster in Nigeria

Here are some of the best instant loan apps that make it easier for more people to get credit and help bridge the gap to financial inclusion.

Below listed are App that Gives Loan Faster in Nigeria

1. Carbon

Carbon, which started out as PayLater, gives anyone who needs a loan quickly access to credit right away.

Carbon users have to put in their Bank Verification Number (BVN) so that they can be verified. After that, they can ask for a loan.

In Nigeria, carbon loans range from #1,500 ($3.6) to 1m ($2,405.13), and in Kenya, they go from Ksh 500 ($4.55) to Ksh 30,000 ($273.10). They can be paid back over a maximum of 64 weeks, and interest rates range from 1.75–30%, which is the same as 1–21% per month.

2. Branch

Branch, which came out in 2017, makes it easy to get a personal loan by giving you an app with a smooth onboarding process. Branch checks the user’s identity and makes a credit score based on their phone data, including their SMS history.

It works in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and India. In each country, the loan amount and interest rate are different.

In Nigeria, for example, loan amounts range from #1,000 ($2.43) to #200,000 ($486.03), and monthly interest rates range from 1.6% to 23%, depending on the size of the loan and how well it has been paid back in the past. In Tanzania, loan amounts range from Tsh 5,000 ($2.16) to Tsh 700,000 ($301.87), and interest rates range from 4% to 27% per month, depending on the same factors.

In each country, Branch users can choose to pay back their loans over a period of up to 336 days, but they can pay back any loan amount in as little as 60 days.

3. FairMoney

FairMoney is another fast, reliable, and free Android loan app that is available in Nigeria and India.

This app lets you borrow anywhere from #1,500 ($3.6) to #500,000 ($1,215.07). You can pay back the loan in 61 days to a year, and interest rates range from 2.5% to 30% per month.

This app can be found in the Google Playstore, and it says that 3 million people use them to get loans.

4. QuickCheck

Like every other loan app, QuickCheck tells its users they’ll never be broke again if they use it. Credit scoring and instant loan decisions are both done with the help of AI.

Interest rates range from 2% to 30%, and loan amounts range from #1,500 ($3.6) to #500,000 ($1215.07). Depending on the type of loan, you have anywhere from 30 days to six months to pay it back.

This loan app can only be used by people in Nigeria who have Android phones.

5. Palm Credit

Palmcredit loan apps let people borrow money right away online and pay it back in a way that works for them. The amount of the loan is anywhere between #5,000 ($12.15) and #300,000 ($729.04).

The interest rate on a Palmcredit loan is between 4% and 24%. The app lets users choose between two flexible ways to pay back their loans: 91 days or 365 days.

Palmcredit does not charge any fees for rolling over or making a transaction. It also gives customers a high credit score and a lower interest rate if they pay back their loans on time.


If you’re looking for legit fast loan in nigeria, then you can trust all the above listed app since All of these loan apps started out as fintech companies that only offered loans, but a few of them have changed their focus and are now digital banks. Carbon, Branch, and Fairmoney now offer banking services like making payments, saving money, and investing to their customers.