Which Loan App Gives More Money in Nigeria?

There are tons of loan apps that work well in Nigeria today but which loan app gives more money in Nigeria? most of them give small loans to people who need them for personal use. But for a while, it was hard for people who needed loans over N100,000 because many apps only go up to N100,000.

If you are one of them, this article will end your search because it talks about loan apps in Nigeria that can give more than 100k.

Which Loan App Gives More Money

What loan apps in Nigeria can give out more than 100k?

These are the tried-and-true apps that have given out more than 100k in Nigeria:

1. Carbon (formerly Paylater):

Carbon is a service that lets you get a quick loan through your cell phone. Also, they have two big packages that are only for people who get a salary and one for everyone else. You can also use the app to pay other bills, such as PHCN and recharge cards.

2. Branch:

Branch is an app that lets you borrow money without putting up any security. In reality, all you have to do is sign up and give your personal information. After signing up, you can borrow as little as N1,000 or as much as N200,000 at a high interest rate.

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3. Aella credit:

This app makes it easier for people who need cash quickly to get it. It also focuses on employees with stable incomes and works with different credit bureaus in Nigeria. This is because they use an algorithm to figure out how creditworthy you are before they give you a loan.

4. KiaKia:

Like its name, which means “fast” in Yoruba, kiakia is quick, easy, and doesn’t cause stress. This app lets you borrow up to N200,000 at different interest rates based on the type of loan. The term is also between 7 and 30 days.

5. Xcredit:

Even though it isn’t very popular, xcredit is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria and has put together a good loan package for customers. At the moment, they offer loans ranging from N2,000 to N500,000. Also, they give loans for up to 5 months and don’t ask for collateral. But you have to give information about your bank account.

6. 9ja cash:

Like xcredit, 9ja cash is an app that isn’t very well known, but it works perfectly. You can borrow up to a whopping N300,000 from them for a period of 180 days. Their interest rate, on the other hand, could be very high since it ranges from 1% to 34%.


8. 9credit

9. Lendme

10. Sokoloan

The Last 4 loan app should also be mentioned in detailed, But we didn’t include them on our list because, at the time this article was written, they only lend up to N100,000. Things could change in the future, but they don’t fit the requirements of this article as they are now. But you can count on them and use them with confidence.

Use this loan comparison platform to weigh the pros and cons of the different app offers so you can make a well-thought-out decision before choosing a loan app. This makes sure that you take the offer that works best for you as much as possible.

How do I apply for a loan in Nigeria?

The application process is simple and the same for all of these. Start by getting their official app from the Google Play store and then signing up. After you sign up and are accepted, you can then apply for a loan. Also, keep in mind that while some apps limit how much a new user can borrow at first and then raise that limit over time.

Which loan app is good in Nigeria?

There are tons of loan app you can trust and very reliable in Nigeria such as the one mentioned above in this article, you can try them out one after the other to see which one works for you.

Which loan app is the best in Nigeria?

There are different best loan app in Nigeria which you can use to request for loan and get it within 5min to 30min after applying, it mostly depends on the type of banks you operate and how eligible you are to request for loan.


Loan apps are becoming more important and more people are using them. This is because more and more people are realizing how easy it is to get a loan. Also, you can be sure that all the apps on our site have been tested and can be trusted. To get their loan benefits, all you have to do is download and sign up.