YouTube Premium Price in Nigeria

Wondering how much is YouTube Premium Price in Nigeria? We all know that streaming has become the most popular way to get content because it can be done at any time and on demand. The good thing about this is that anyone from almost anywhere in the world can listen to music from a wide range of genres.


In Nigeria, however, people still don’t do a lot of streaming. This is mostly because data is expensive and the average Nigerian doesn’t have much extra money. But that hasn’t stopped streaming platforms from setting up in the country. They want to be the first choice in a society that is becoming more and more used to internet-based technologies.

YouTube Premium Price in Nigeria

Nigerians can now use the full range of YouTube’s streaming services for the first time. YouTube Music, which is owned by Google, is now up and running in Nigeria. This means that people in the country can now listen to music from all over the world.


The service has a variety of subscription options, including a free, ad-supported tier and a premium tier that costs #900 (or #1,400 for a family plan) per month and lets you listen in the background and download songs from within the app.


Subscribers to YouTube Music get playlists that other users have recommended, as well as thousands of playlists based on genre, mood, or activity. The app also has a smart search feature that lets users look for songs using anything they can remember, like a catchphrase or a common trait.


Premium users can also set up automatic downloads so they can listen to music when they are not online. The first month of YouTube Music Premium is free. After that, you have to pay for it.


Also, Nigeria is now able to get YouTube Premium. Members of YouTube Premium are automatically signed up for the premium level of YouTube, and they can also download videos from anywhere on YouTube.


YouTube Premium users can also watch YouTube Originals like “Cobra Kai,” “The Age of AI,” and many more. YouTube Premium offers a free trial period of one month. After that, members pay #1,100 per month or #1,700 per month for a family plan.


This launch of YouTube Music comes just a few weeks after Netflix said it would start to do business in Nigeria. Also, Nigeria is only the second African country to get access to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, after South Africa. Nigerians can now get the YouTube Music app on both Android and IOS stores.

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