Places that Accept PayPal Food

Looking out for Places that Accept PayPal Food? Not too long ago, cash was the most common way to pay at most restaurants.

But customers are choosing to pay for their purchases digitally more and more.

Not too long ago, cash was the most common way to pay at most restaurants.

But customers are choosing to pay for their purchases digitally more and more.

Electronic payments through services like PayPal are much more convenient in a world where more people carry a phone than cash.

But not every restaurant has this technology just yet.

Here are 25 places that will let you pay with PayPal.

Places that Accept PayPal Food Top 25 Restaurants That Accept PayPal

1. Jimmy John’s

There are 2,800 locations of the “freaky fast” sandwich shop all over the United States.

The menu at the restaurant is very long.

Customers can get a regular 8-inch sub or a “giant” 16-inch sandwich.

It also has a “slim” menu with classic sandwiches that don’t have any sauce or vegetables.

Either French bread or nine-grain wheat is used to make sandwiches.

Jimmy John’s

Chips, cookies, or pickles can be served as extras.

The chain is known for its fast delivery, but PayPal can only be used for orders that are picked up.

You’ll have to link your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

When you get to the restaurant, you can use your cell phone to pay.

2. Burger King

The Whopper sandwich from Burger King is famous, but the restaurant has a lot more to offer.

There are options for almost everyone at the fast-food chain, which has more than 18,000 franchises around the world.

The Impossible Whopper is a vegetarian sandwich that is made to taste like real beef.

Other menu items include chicken and fish sandwiches, chicken nuggets, onion rings, and jalapeno cheddar bites.

It also has a number of desserts, such as milkshakes and a Hershey’s sundae pie.

Only through its app does Burger King accept PayPal.

Use the app to place your order, and at checkout, choose PayPal.

You can pick up your order at the Burger King store closest to you.

3. Dunkin Donuts

There are more than 11,000 Dunkin’ Donuts shops around the world, but not all 50 US states have a franchise.

There isn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts in nine states, mostly in the West.

If you live near a Dunkin’, you can use PayPal to buy yourself a cup of coffee.

The coffee shop serves classic foods like lattes, mochas, and drip coffee.

It also has drinks that are just for the holidays, like Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Mochas.

You can get drinks hot, cold, or frozen.

Donuts, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches are also on the menu.

You can use Google Pay or Samsung Pay to pick up with PayPal.

You can also pay for your order in the Dunkin’ Donuts app with PayPal and pick it up in the store.

4. Little Caesar’s

The pizza chain is famous for its Crazy Bread and “Hot and Ready” pizzas.

But in the last few years, the restaurant’s menu has grown a lot.

Customers can now order chicken wings, calzones, and deep-dish pizzas.

It also has a lunch special for $5 that includes a pizza and a soda.

Only inside the store does Little Caesar’s accept PayPal.

You can pay with your phone at a restaurant by linking your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

5. Applebee’s

Applebee’s is one of the few places where you can sit down and eat that takes PayPal.

The restaurant serves salads, burgers, pasta, chicken, and seafood.

One of the most popular menu items is the 2 for $20 deal, which lets customers get two main dishes and an appetizer for $20. (though the actual price varies by region).

People also know the chain for its drink specials.

It started selling two $5 drinks of the month in 2022.

You have to order in-store at Applebee’s if you want to pay with PayPal.

When it’s time to pay, you’ll check out using the computer at your table.

To pay with PayPal, you can hold your phone next to the tablet.

6. Chick-Fil-A
7. McDonald’s
7. Subway
9. Buffalo Wild Wings
10. Starbucks
11. Chili’s
12. Panera Bread
13. Firehouse Subs
11. Chili’s
15.Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
16. Whataburger
17. Outback Steakhouse
18. Papa John’s
19. Hardee’s
20. Chipotle
21. Jamba Juice
22. Jersey Mike’s Subs
23. Peet’s Coffee
24. Rubio’s
25. White Castle

Since 1921, White Castle has been making sloppy joes and sliders.

There are beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian sandwiches on the menu.

There are also a lot of different sides to choose from, like loaded fries or onion rings.

White Castle takes Google Pay both in-store and through its mobile app.

You can link your PayPal account to your mobile wallet and pay at checkout with Google Pay.